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Dr apj abdul kalam essay spanish american war short essay

Dr apj abdul kalam essay

In the year , he played a crucial role in the "Pokhran II" nuclear test in the country. It was regarded as the second original nuclear test by India. Dr Kalam's childhood was very tough as the business run by his family failed and they lost all sources of income.

He was born at a poverty-stricken time of his family but managed to overcome all obstacles and worked hard in life to achieve his dream. He used to sell newspapers to support his family at a very early age. Even though he got average grades in school, his teachers remembered him as a hard-working student with an inquisitive mind.

He focused greatly on mathematics and then after he grew up, he studied physics and aerospace engineering in Madras Institute of Technology, from where he passed out in the year When Kalam was in the third year of his graduation, he was given the assignment to build an aircraft with a few other selected students. In spite of the teacher pressurising him with a hard-core deadline, he completed the project in time and impressed everyone with his creativity.

This zeal later drove him to become a fighter pilot; however, he ranked 9th in IAF and there were only 8 positions available at that time. Nevertheless, Kalam was a multi-talented man. He went on to become a scientist, an author, an engineer, a professor, and later, a politician. Abdul Kalam : Dr. Abdul Kalam was born in a Tamil Muslim family on 15th October This place is presently in Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu.

He was a mediocre student at school and he had average grades, though he used to be highly appreciated for his will to study. He completed his school education from Schwartz higher secondary school at Ramanathapuram. He had his major in Physics.

He finally graduated from college in the year Then he moved to Madras in to study aerospace engineering in Madras Institute of Technology. Though as a child he had a dream of becoming a fighter pilot, he missed his chance very narrowly. His contributions are immense. He guided a number of Technology projects and missions to take India into the 21st century.

APJ Abdul Kalam was elected as the 11th president of India in and stayed in his position for 5 years. This great personality had his last breath while giving a lecture at IIM, Meghalaya on 27th July He had a sudden cardiac arrest and he died on the spot. Whole country was in shock and mourned the death of him. He maynot be present physically but his works will always be remembered.

And all we can do is to contribute our part as a new generation kid in making India a developed country. My Favorite President Late Dr. It is of utmost significance that a leader is reliable to lead others. A leader ought to be trusted and be acknowledged to live their life with sincerity.


He grew from a low family to the First Citizen of India. He was a Muslim, but the religion never came in between. He was not married in his life. He dedicated his life to the nation, progress of science and technology missions especially in defence , to support his poor family members. He gave many inspiring lectures and lessons to young students.

There are even lessons about him in some text books for children. He has every reason to be happy that his journey had been incredible. He had luck in his favour and he benefitted from positive opportunities. Kalam picked them and did not misuse them. He did his hard work to move forward each occasion. He is the epitome of modesty kindness and is a soft-spoken person.

He believes in high thinking and simple living. Kalam was born on 15 October, at Rameswaram small town in Tamil Nadu. He completed his school education from Rameswaram Elementary School and went on to study B. Physics from Saint Joseph College Tiruchirappalli, graduating in He played a major role in developing intermediate ballistic missiles IBMs including Agni and Prithvi, the tactical surface to surface missiles. On 25 July , he was elected the 11th president of India.

He is the first scientist and first bachelor to occupy the Rashtrapati Bhavan. For his excellence and brilliance, Dr. Kalam is a man of vision. He has a dream to make India a developed country by In his book India : A Vision for the New Millen , he has examined the strengths and weak nesses of India as a nation. He has discussed many aspects on how to make India an economic superpower by At present, Dr. Kalam devotes his time to visit several schools and undertake social work.

Abdul Kalam Regarded as an ideal Indian and a source of inspiration for the future generationsPresident Dr. They held an honourable place in the society and were regarded as an ideal couple. They lived in a joint family Kalams father was a simple person. He never cared for luxuries and gave more importance to rational thoughts and human values. The senior-most priest of Rameshwaram temple, Pt. Lakshman Shastri was his dear friend. They used to have long spiritual discussions and Kalam as a boy listened attentively to those discussionsAl though Kalam could not understand everything but his thinking has been largely influenced by it.

During his childhood, Abdul Kalam partook his meals with his mother sitting on the kitchen floor. His mother used to spread a banana leaf before him and serve him a simple meal of garnished rice-tasty sambhar, home made pickles and fresh coconut chutney.

Right from his childhood Dr. Kalam was honest, God fearing laborious and simple traits which he inherited from his parents. Kalams childhood was deeply influenced by his cousin Shamsuddic who was the sole distributor of newspapers in Rameshwaram During those days there was great demand for Di naming, a Tamil newspaper.

Though Kalam had not yet learnt to read yet he satisfied himself by looking at the pictures, when Shamsuddin used to bring the newspaper. When 2 World War started in Kalam was only 8 years old. During those days there was a sudden increase in demand for tamarind seeds in the market. Although Kalam did not know the reason, he started collect ing tamarind seeds and selling them at grocery shops.

This way he earned one anna everyday During that time emergency was announced in India because of the Second World War. As a result, the trains did not stop at Rameshwaram station. In that situation bundles of newspapers were thrown from the moving train be tween Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi station. At that time Shamsuddin felt the need of an assistant who could assist him in picking up those bundles.

Child Kalam was well prepared to help him and in this way he earned his first salary from his cousin Shamsuddin. In his childhood, Kalam used to wear a skull cap, which is a symbol of being a Muslim. At that time Kalam was a student of class V in a primary school. Once a new teacher came to his class. Kalam was sitting in the front row with his friend Ramanand Shastri. The new teacher did not like a Hindu boy sitting next to a Muslim boy So he ordered Kalam to sit at the last bench Child Kalam did not like this.

Ramanand Shastri too was very much grieved by this behaviour of the teacher. The teacher apologised for his behaviour and eventually a great change came in his attitude Having completed the primary education, Kalam was admitted to Swartz High School in Ramanathapuram.

He had to stay in the school hostel. While at Ramanathapuram he very often missed his parents, his home and especially the South Indian sweetmeat poli prepared by his mother. In spite of his great love for home, Kalam was fully dedicated to his studies because his parents and teachers had high expectations from him He worked very hard to achieve his aim and nothing could deter him from his firm determination.

Once, during his school days, it so happened that the maths teacher Ramakrishna Aiyar was teaching in another class Unknowingly Kalam entered the class roomSeeing this the teacher immediately caught hold off him by his neck and hit him with a rod before the entire class. Later, when Kalam secured the highest marks in mathematics, Ramakrishna Aiyar narrated the episode at the time of morning prayer before everyone.

He announced, The boy whom I beat with a rod will become a great man one day Mark my words, this student is going to become the pride of his school and teachers. Since childhood, Kalam developed a deep liking for the mysteries of the sky, and the flight of birds across the seas. He enjoyed the sight Of cranes flying over the sea and long flights of birdsHe decided that one day he too would go for long flights in the sky.

Later he was the first person in Rameshwaram to fly in a plane. When Kalam completed his schooling, he was brimming with enthusiasm and confidence Without a second thought he entered Saint Joseph College, Tiruchirapalli, in During his college days he worked hard. He was a very disciplined student. When he was a final year student in the college he developed a great liking for English LiteratureHe read all the available books on English literature by great writers such as Tolstoy, Scott.

Also when he was a student of the final year he developed a deep in Clinton towards Physics. He felt great pleasure in reading about the highest knowledge of as tronomy, particularly our solar system To fulfil his dream Kalam decided to study Engineering after his B. For this he needed at least one thousand rupees, but his father did not have that much money.

It was his elder sister Johra who came to his rescue. At that time Kalam had a single ambition — to be a pilot. Modesty is a good quality but Kalam had to face many difficulties at MIT because of it. Be cause of his humble nature, he was quite hesitant to ask questions or reply to them in front of everyone in the class. That is why his fellow students used to make fun of himKalam was depressed about it.

Learning without wisdom is nothing but crammed knowledge, it is of no use. Knowing oneself is much important. Panadalaiin and Prof. Nara Singha Rao to give his thoughts a concrete formKalam was able to construct his work field with the joint assistance of these teachers which laid the foundation of his life. After completing his third year from Madras Institute of Technology he joined as a technical instructor at the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

After becoming an aeronautical engineer from Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Kalam prepared well with full dedication and hard labour. He was very much assured of his selection in the Indian Air Force. But he was deeply disappointed when he came to know that out of 25 candidates only 8 had been selected and he had stood ninth. It was a great setback. He was disappointed but he soon recovered from this. In the Os Dr. Whole country was in shock and mourned the death of him. He maynot be present physically but his works will always be remembered.

And all we can do is to contribute our part as a new generation kid in making India a developed country. My Favorite President Late Dr. It is of utmost significance that a leader is reliable to lead others. A leader ought to be trusted and be acknowledged to live their life with sincerity. For me, the one that I am deeply influenced by is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He was a great soul and i would like to tell you more about him.

He came from a modest environment and started working at an premature age to hold up his family. After carrying out his school, Dr. Kalam circulated newspapers to monetarily throw in to his father Mr. Jainulabudeen, who was a boat possessor. Kalam was elected as the President of India in the year Amongst the many books written down by Dr.

Dr Kalam promoted the plans to transform India into a developed country by the year in his book India A Vision for the New Millennium in While delivering a speech at the Indian Institute of Management Shillong, Kalam collapsed and passed away from an evident cardiac arrest on 27 July , at the age of Thousands including national-level dignitaries attended the memorial service held in his native land of Rameshwaram, where he was buried with full state honors.

We lost an idol that day. The great soul is still remembered as the missile man of India and dwelling in each person who is inspired by his speeches and his personality.

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He was really a great person and a perfect president. The great personalities like Dr. Abdul Kalam had a large contribution in making India a developed country. His father Jainulabdeen was a boat owner and mother was a housewife. Though he was a legatee of adversity and poverty yet he was not born to shatter. With his brilliance and intelligence he attained a degree in BSc. Joseph College of Trichurapalli. In after obtaining his diploma in Aeronautical Engineering, he appointed as an assistant to senior scientists in Defence Research and Development Organization.

At the beginning of his career he was appointed as the chief group of development of hovercraft plane. During this time, India achieved a big milestone in the world of space science. This was the beginning of his missile carrier. He is also instrumental in developing the cryogenic engine in our country. He is presently known as the father of the Indian Missile Programme.

For his excellence and brilliance, he got honoured with the prestigious Bharat Ratna award in , Padma Vibhushan award in and Padma Bhushan award in Many universities have given him the honorary degree of Doctorate. He is the second president who had no connection with politics but he did his duty with great responsibility and made India a developed nation. He is truly an inspiration for all. The Journey of Dr. His father was a boat man and he was a newspaper hawker himself in his childhood who read the news first before selling the papers as he believed that one day people will buy the news papers to read his achievements as a great scientist and a President of India said Abdul Kalam.

He was born on 15th October in a Tamil Muslim family. His birthplace was Rameshwaram in Ramnad district of Madras. He got average grades in school though he was highly appreciated for his will to study. He has done his schooling from Schwartz higher secondary school in Ramanathapuram.

Later he did graduation in BSc. He had his major in Physics. Later his sister had give up her jewellery to send him Chennai to study aerospace engineering in Madras Institute of Technology. As a scientist his contributions to the nation are immense.

He guided many technology projects and missions to bring India into the 21st century. After graduating as an aeronautical engineer, he became a member of the defense research and development service. It was the making of a small hovercraft which really started off his career. Abdul Kalam continues to inspire too many people who want to believe in their dreams and achieve it despite all odds. Abdul Kalam tasted a great deal of success after that.

He was soon transferred to ISRO and he was a part of several prestigious projects which earned him both name and fame. There is no denying of the fact that A. Abdul Kalam is hailed as one of the most loved presidents of the country. He was the first scientist who was selected for this position.

There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not he would contest for the sound term but after a lot of yes and no; he finally decided not to contest for the second term as a president. Pratibha Patil then succeeded him as a president. After retiring from political duties, A. Abdul Kalam once again started actively participating in education.

Abdul Kalam became a visiting professor in some of the top IIMs of the country and his lectures were most sought. Abdul Kalam as he even wanted to improve the outlook and status of the country. The underlying idea of this program by A.

Abdul Kalam was to get rid of corruption which had badly plagued our nation. Abdul Kalam died doing what he did best. He was en route to Shillong to give a lecture. It was during the lecture that he collapsed and when he was rushed to the nearest hospital, he was declared dead. He died because of cardiac arrest. There is no denying the fact that A.

Abdul Kalam remains one of the inspirational figures that taught a lot of things to the Indian parliament. The field of politics has so much to learn from the genius. Definitely, A. Abdul Kalam remains not just a name but a legend we all look up to! His mother was a housewife while his father was an imam at a mosque and a boat owner as well. He had three brothers and one sister and was the youngest of all in the family.

During his school years, he was a hardworking and bright student and had a keen interest in mathematics. The Pokhran-II atomic tests were directed amid this period in which he played an escalated political and technical job. Kalam filled in as the Chief Project Coordinator, alongside Rajagopala Chidambaram, amid the testing phase. Post this, Dr Kalam, having won the Presidential election, was elected as the eleventh President of India. While climbing a trip of stairs, he encountered some distress, however, he could enter the assembly room after a brief rest.

At around p. IST, just five minutes into his address, he collapsed. He was hurried to the close-by Bethany Hospital in a basic condition; upon entry, he came up short on a heartbeat or some other indications of life. Despite being put in the emergency unit, was affirmed dead of a sudden heart failure at p.

Are you doing well? A good example for the kids, Dr Kalam is recognized as one who exemplified the calling of educating with his intrinsic enthusiasm for instructing and for his energy to motivate kids to end up as great citizens. Dr Kalam was devoted to educating and recognized himself first as an educator and after that as whatever else.

Befitting his affection for education, his end came while conveying an address at IIM, Shillong. Dr Kalam said that the predetermination of the country relies on a teacher. He said that a student puts in very nearly 20, hours in school till he finishes class twelfth and amid this time he assimilates the characteristics of his educators by watching them.

He at that point accentuated this making the duty of teachers even more tremendous as the destiny of just about 20 crore youngsters selected in Indian schools relied upon them. Dr Kalam had imagined a solid and confident India and checked upon the educators to set up a future age that could think freely and discover the answer for issues our nation confronted. APJ Abdul Kalam was also associated with the civilian space programme as well as the military missile development efforts in India.

APJ Abdul Kalam was born on The name of his mother was Ashiamma and the name of his father was Jainulabdeen. APJ Abdul Kalam has one elder sister and 4 elder brothers. Since the family of APJ Abdul Kalam was not so financially strong, during his early years he had to sell newspapers to support the family.

In school, APJ Abdul Kalam was not a bright student; however, he had a strong aspiration for learning and working hard. His favorite subject was mathematics in which he spent numerous hours while studying. He always desired to become a fighter pilot. APJ Abdul Kalam was selected as the presidential candidate by the ruling party i.

He served for a period of 5 years from APJ Abdul Kalam was also criticized by the people for his delay in concluding the destiny of mercy pleas which were deferred to him during his tenure as a president. Actually, he took action on only single mercy appeal out of 21 mercy appeals. Non-thinking is stagnation of the individual, organization and the country. Thinking leads to action. Knowledge without action is useless and irrelevant.

Knowledge with action converts adversity into prosperity. They are the father, the mother and the teacher. On At pm, the death of APJ Abdul Kalam was confirmed by the hospital officials owing to cardiac arrest. After that, his body was taken to home town in Rameswaram. Over , people were present at this event. Now, he might not be present amongst us but his extraordinary contributions, influential words, and hard work will inspire us always.

APJ Abdul Kalam always said that youth are the true asset of India and we should always inspire and motivate them. He was famous for his inspirational words. Abdul Kalam , Presidents , Scientist. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! Message from Sophia! Like this post? You must be logged in to post a comment. Facebook Twitter.

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Abdul Kalam was the youngest in his family of his three brothers, a sister and his parents. He wanted to be an aeroplane pilot But he failed. But his one failure was the secret of success of India. Abdul Kalam helped India in space research. One of them is Dr A. Abdul kalam. He is also known as the missile man of India because of his great contribution in Indian missile development Research. Plus, he has been 11th president of India and served the country politically.

He took birth on 15 October at Rameswaram in Madras Presidency. This place is now in Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu. His father was a boat owner and imam An Islamic leader of a local mosque. He was the youngest in four brothers and a sister. Abdul Kalam was an average student in school but his learning attitude was exceptional. He used to spend hours studying. His favourite subject was mathematics. After completing his school education, he graduated in physics.

He always dreamed of flying in the sky. Actually, he wanted to be a pilot. Abdul kalam missed achieving his dream. But his this failure proved to be a success for the entire country. He took India to the heights of the sky. He assisted in the development of Agni and Prithvi missiles. To sum up this essay, Mr Kalam is the most loved President India ever had. During his scientific and legislative career, Abdul Kalam served the country tirelessly for the upliftment of the Indian technology.

He has been and always be an inspiration for the ordinary youth and citizens of India. He was a true patriot. Everything was done by him whatever was required for the progress and upliftment in the field of technology. His contributions to India is incomparable. He served the country as a scientist and as a president.

Most notably, Abdul Kalam is the most loved president by Indians. He was born on 15 October at Rameswaram in Madras Presidency. His father Jainulabdeen was a boat owner and imam An Islamic leader of a neighbourhood mosque. He was the youngest in his five siblings. Abdul Kalam was an ordinary student in school but his learning approach was excellent.

He used to pay hours studying. A Muslim by faith, Mr. Kalam stayed a pure vegetarian throughout his life and had remembered by heart the teachings of Holy Quran and Bhagvada Gita as well. He also became the 11 th President of India and was much popular among the youths.

The essays have been written in simple English with fact based information to make them easy to understand and remember. After going through these APJ Abdul Kalam essay you will know who APJ Abdul Kalam was; how did he struggled in childhood; his extraordinary accomplishments as a student and then later as a scientists, his views about youths and science etc. These essays will be extremely helpful for you during your school events on the birth anniversary of Mr.

Students can select any of the essays given below according to their class standard:. APJ Abdul Kalam. Actually he was a great scientist who invented many new inventions. His father name was Jainulabudeen and mother name was Ashiamma. He never got married to anyone. Abdul Kalam was really a true legend for the youngsters of the country.

He has inspired the new generation of the country through his whole life, career, workings and writings. He later served the country as 11 th President of India from to The full name of Dr. He was a great scientist who also served the country as the 11 th President of India from to After completing his term of presidency, he returned to the civilian life of writing, education, and public service. He has been honored with the honorary doctorates by at least 30 universities as well as three highest civilian awards of the country Padma Bhushan , Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna He was a great personality and inspiration to the youngsters of country who took his last breath at IIM, Meghalaya on 27 th of July in because of the sudden cardiac arrest.

He is not present among us physically however his great works and contributions would be with us forever. He was a great scientist and 11 th President of India. He started supporting his family financially in his early age. He also worked under Dr. The successful Pokhran-II nuclear tests of have also involved his important role. Sarvapali Radhakrishnan and second Dr. Zakir Hussain Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. He was born on 15 th of October in in Tamil Nadu. His life was full of struggle however has been an inspiration to the new generation of India.

He was a person who dreamed about India of being a developed country.