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A full set of resources to accompany this feature can be downloaded for free here. Calling all English teachers: does this sound familiar? As structure gcse english lit essay go through extracts in the last lesson on Friday afternoon, you ask carefully crafted questions, and note with satisfaction how students shoot their hands up in a flash, like Barry Allen on the run. Later, back at home, you mark them. What went wrong?

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Thesis template word harvard

The proposal is normally between 15 to 25 pages in length. The CTP tutorial is not a course in the traditional sense. You work independently on your proposal with your research advisor by submitting multiple proposal drafts and scheduling individual appointments. You need to make self-directed progress on the proposal without special prompting from the research advisor. The CTP for sustainability is a three-week course in the traditional sense and you receive a letter grade, and it must be B- or higher to receive degree credit for the course.

If your thesis, regardless of field, will involve the use of human subjects e. Please download and review the submission guide while you are in the proposal writing stage. Your research advisor will help you prepare a draft copy of the project protocol form that you will need to send to CUHS. The vetting process needs to be started during the CTP tutorial, before a thesis director has been assigned. Once you 1 successfully complete the CTP and 2 have your proposal officially approved by your research advisor RA , you move to the thesis director assignment phase.

Please note that successful completion of the CTP is not the same as having an officially approved proposal. These are two distinct steps. If you are a life science student e. The research advisor places you with a thesis director.

Do not approach faculty to ask about directing your thesis. The letter will also have a tentative graduation date as well as three mandatory thesis submission dates see Thesis Timetable below. The date for the appointment of your Thesis Director determines the graduation cycle that will be automatically assigned to you.

You do not submit your thesis all at once at the end, but in three phases: 1 full draft, 2 final draft, and 3 format approved draft. Due dates for all three phases for your assigned graduation cycle cannot be missed. If you are late, you will not be able to graduate during your assigned cycle. The maximum allotted time to write your thesis, including any granted extensions of time, is 12 months.

When registered in the thesis, you work diligently and independently, following the advice of your thesis director, in a consistent, regular manner equivalent to full-time academic work to complete the research by your required timeline. You are required to produce at least 50 pages of text not including front matter and appendices. Chapter topics e. A properly formatted thesis is an explicit degree requirement; you cannot graduate without it. Your research advisor will complete the format review prior to submitting your thesis to your director for final grading according to the Thesis Timetable see above.

It has all the mandatory thesis formatting built in. Besides saving you a considerable amount of time as you write your thesis, the preprogrammed form ensures that your submitted thesis meets the mandatory style guidelines for margins, font, title page, table of contents, and chapter heading. If you use the template, format review should go smoothly, if not, a delayed graduation is highly likely.

Format review also includes a check on the proper use of sources according to our academic integrity guidelines. The thesis project will be sent to several downstream systems:. By submitting work through ETDs Harvard you will be signing the Harvard Author Agreement, which grants the University a non-exclusive license to preserve, reproduce, and display the work.

This license does not constrain your rights to publish your work subsequently. You retain all intellectual property rights. You need to earn a grade of B- or higher in the thesis. All standard course letter grades are available to your thesis director. If you fail to complete substantial work on the thesis, you will earn a grade of TNC thesis not complete. If you earn a grade below B-, you will need to petition the Administrative Board for permission to attempt the thesis for a second and final time.

The petition process is only available if you are in good academic standing and your five-year, degree-completion deadline allows for more time. Your candidacy will automatically expire if you do not successfully complete the thesis by your required deadline. You are required to attach a word count to your thesis. To do so, print out the word count on an otherwise blank piece of paper and include it as the last page in your thesis. Theses will not be accepted without a word count.

Two copies of your thesis are to be submitted to the Social Studies office, each enclosed in a black spring binder. If you are a joint concentrator, you should turn in one bound thesis to Social Studies and one to your joint concentration. Social Studies has pre-labeled binders for each student.

Joint concentrators will only receive the binder to be used for their Social Studies copy of the thesis. You can come up to WJH during normal office hours to pick them up. You may not pick up your binders on Thesis Day. The margins should be one inch at the top and bottom of each page, with two inches at the left edge, to make space for the binding, and one inch at the right.


Longer extracts should be indented and single-spaced; they should not be included in quotation marks. Each full quotation should be accompanied by a reference. Follow the general practice in the best periodicals in your field, and be consistent. Foreign words that are not quotations should be underlined or italicized.

Appendices : An appendix provides additional material that helps support your argument and is too lengthy to be included as a footnote or endnote. Appendices might include images, passages from primary texts in a non-English language or in your translation, or archival material that is difficult to access.

It is rare but perfectly acceptable for theses to include appendices, so make sure to discuss with your tutor whether an appendix makes sense for your project. Notes : You may use either footnotes at bottom of page , endnotes at end of the thesis or MLA style parenthetical notes. Footnote or endnotes are properly used:. Bibliography : You must append a list of works cited to your thesis. It's a good idea to compile your bibliography as you write, rather than try to put it together all at once at the end there are very powerful bibliography programs available, such as Zotero and Endnote, that generate bibliographies automatically.

The purpose of the bibliography is to be a convenience to your reader. In the works cited list, primary and secondary sources should be listed under separate headings. Printing Problems : Do not wait until the afternoon your thesis is due to print the text. When you are about to format the thesis for final printing, be sure to save extra copies in at least two separate places. Check to see that all of the pages are included in both copies of your thesis. Please note: Students using a laser printer should be sure to determine that the paper they choose will accept laser printing.

Some students in the past have reported difficulties using matte acid-free paper with laser printers. Computer viruses, like printer problems, are not a legitimate excuse for a late thesis. Review the sample title page. For joint concentrators, the title page should include both concentrations, with the primary concentration listed first. Review this sample word count page as you format your senior thesis.

Skip to main content. Main Menu Utility Menu Search. Contents and Form Length : The required length is between 10, and 20, words, not counting notes, bibliography, and appendices. Footnote or endnotes are properly used: To state precisely the source or other authority for a statement in the text, or to acknowledge indebtedness for insights or arguments taken from other writers. Quotations should be given when necessary. To make minor qualifications, to prevent misunderstanding, or otherwise to clarify the text when such statements, if put in the text, would interrupt the flow.

Find out more. The first paragraph of the essay introduces the reader to your topic with a "hook," which might be an interesting fact, a statistic, a lively quotation, or an anecdote that sheds light on your essay. The introduction then leads to the thesis statement, which is sometimes underlined, depending on your professor's preference. The thesis statement is the main idea of the essay, telling the reader in one sentence what the body of your essay will demonstrate or prove, and the rest of the essay supports the thesis with facts, evidence, and reasoning.

The first sentence of the first body paragraph should be the topic sentence, which tells the reader what the paragraph will discuss - this sentence should relate to the thesis and provide support for the claim made in the thesis statement. After the topic sentence, supporting details are used to back up the topic sentence and provide more information about it. Each detail should relate back to the topic sentence.

The paragraph should conclude with a sentence that sums up the paragraph and leads into the next body paragraph. Transition words, such as "similarly," "however," "therefore," etc. You should show how your next paragraph connects to the one that came before.

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To log in, please select your login type from the tabs below and enter your credentials. If you're not sure what login type to use, look here for how you login. Most dissertations are to pages in length. All dissertations should be divided into appropriate sections, and long dissertations may need chapters, main. Be sure autosave (Word for Windows: File > Options > Save; Word for Mac: Word menu We hope that this thesis template helps you to concentrate on the.