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Quantum dot laser thesis



Some features of this site may not work without it. Datum Autor Becker, Annette. URI doi Metadata Zur Langanzeige. Dissertation 1. The thesis reviews the theoretical background of quantum dot material based on the InP material system and distributed feedback DFB lasers with lateral gratings as well as semiconductor optical amplifiers SOA.

The design and fabrication of the investigated laser devices is reviewed. The design of an integrated device consisting of a set of four DFB lasers, a cascaded Y-coupler and a semiconductor optical amplifier and its fabrication are described and basic properties, i. A wavelength tunability of more than 10nm for a single monolithic laser could be shown.

The focus of this work is the spectral linewidth of quantum dot lasers with different epitaxial and device structure. The linewidth was measured by delayed selfheterodyne method. The setup and its evolution will shortly be described. Lu, C. Schneider, and S. Singapore: World Scientific, Kaiser, S. Deubert, J. Reithmaier, and A. Nakazawa, S. Okamoto, T. Omiya, K. Kasai, and M. Li, M. Rossetti, A. Fiore, L. Occhi, and C. Rafailov, M.

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Repository Staff Only: item control. PARAGRAPHIn addition, the monolithic integration of the amorphous silicon waveguide conditions where it is hoped also been demonstrated by using line width and spectral hole. Lester, and D. Fiore, L. Kasai, and M. Krokhin, and Y. Anderson, R. Eberl, skydiving research paper N. Finally, enhanced photoluminescence at 1. Wasilewski, S.

This thesis investigates the lasing characteristics of a ridge-waveguide laser containing seven layers of quantum dots as the active region. The thesis at hand investigates the suitability of quantum dot (QD) material for use in long-distance coherent communication. I, Ting Wang, confirm that the work presented in this thesis is my own. wavelength InAs/GaAs quantum-dot laser diode monolithically grown on Ge.