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A full set of resources to accompany this feature can be downloaded for free here. Calling all English teachers: does this sound familiar? As structure gcse english lit essay go through extracts in the last lesson on Friday afternoon, you ask carefully crafted questions, and note with satisfaction how students shoot their hands up in a flash, like Barry Allen on the run. Later, back at home, you mark them. What went wrong?

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William thies thesis

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In audio format, the content became accessible to low-income populations — without smart phones or Internet connectivity or even literacy. CGNet Swara provided a new way for rural citizens and social activists to voice news, grievances and cultural stories that otherwise would go unnoticed.

Soon, urban activists, government actors and members of the mainstream media were monitoring the system — amending many of the problems that were voiced. To date, CGNet Swara has released about 4, messages and has received about , calls from listeners. Many reports have had a documented impact on rural communities. For example, reported bribes have been returned; lost wages have been paid; and overdue services have been delivered. Every impact story is detailed on the CGNet Swara website.

The focus of the challenge that year was to improve adherence to tuberculosis medications. Winning the challenge and earning recognition in other collegiate business competitions opened up many doors for the team. As part of the challenge, Manish and I traveled to India and saw the impediments to rural healthcare delivery first hand. When the time came to graduate, Bill could have taken a faculty position in the United States, building on his dissertation research in programming languages and compilers.

The interdisciplinary group at MSR India aimed to apply technology to the needs and aspirations of poor communities — a focus that resonated for Bill. And, Kentaro Toyama, the founder of this group was deeply inspiring to him. The decision, though difficult, was obvious. Moving to India in allowed Bill and the Yunus Challenge team to bring their ideas to real-world impact. Not only has this system been deployed across clinics and served over 6, patients in India, but it is also the focus of a randomized controlled trial by MITJPAL.

Sometimes, undergraduate students approach Bill about work at the intersection of technology and global development. Even after living in India for five years and marrying the girl in the office next to mine!

When my intuition is wrong, I can at least fail fast—testing ideas with local users and organizations within a few days, as opposed to the weeks or months required from afar. Bill's recommendations for similarly minded students? Check out classes such as D-Lab for the best possible introduction to the domain, as well as the MIT India program for supporting trips and internships to labs such as his.

And now for the Gondi news. Tehelka Magazine Sep. Voices in the wilderness. The Hindu Jul. The Atlantic Jun. By the tribal, for the tribal. The Telegraph May 8. A coming-out party. Hindustan Times May 9. Hindustan Times May Chhattisgarh tribals turn into reporters on cellphones. Rediff News May Ear to the mobile.

Hindu Business Lines May BBC News Apr. News in dialects may soon be just a call away. The Hindu Feb. ICT research to boost India socio-economic development. EE Times India Jan. Simpler programming for multicore computers. Technology Review Apr. Science search made easier in developing nations. Radio mail links Pacific islands. BBC News Jul. Search with TEK. Samujjal Purkayastha Tufts May —Aug. Published in the Journal of Biological Engineering Published in Information and Communication Technologies and Development Published in the Symposium on Computing for Development Results II: A tool for understanding the epidemiology of computer viruses in developing regions.

Co-supervision of M. Students MIT Ceryen Tan Sep. Nada Amin Sep. Published in the International Conference on Computer Design David Zhang Sep. Abdulbasier Aziz Apr. Matthew Drake Oct. Janis Sermulins Jun. Sitij Agrawal Mar. Published in the Int.

Andrew Lamb Mar. Pratik Kotkar May —Aug. Steven Hall Jan —May. Published in ACM Multimedia Jonathan Birnbaum Results: Prototype version of a flexible audio wiki. Jimmy Li Sep. Shirley Fung Results: Partial implementation of H. Thayaparan Kailainathan Feb. Mahendrakumar Senthivel Feb. May —Aug. Jasper Lin Dec. May —Sep. Ali Meli Results: StreamIt implementation of feature-aided radar tracking.

Chris Leger Jun. Allyn Dimock Sep. Via detailed conversations and 14 national meetings, I played a critical role in writing, refining, and establishing consensus on the Streaming Virtual Machine, an intermediate layer that served as a focus of the forum. Support for Prog. Related documents. Paper on Social Influence. Ousmane Sembene. Download advertisement.

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