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Ma thesis shakespeare

Shakespeare as wordsmith of feeling: a stylistic analysis of word formation in Hamlet, King Lear, and The Tempest. For the bulk of my project, I will be using the Oxford English Dictionary to single out words recorded for the first time in three plays Hamlet, King Lear, and The Tempest.

The tragedies, Hamlet and King Lear, were chosen for their high levels of em. This thesis defines the character and function of the wise fool in Shakespearean drama. The opening chapter traces the major historical and literary conventions and functions on which Shakespeare was able to draw in order to create his fool characters. Othello: a tragedy of perception. In the play of Othello, Shakespeare perfectly explores the issue of racial tension that existed in the Elizabethan era.

Othello, a loyal soldier and the protagonist of the play, appears as an outsider in Venice because of his dark skin; he is repeated. A study of equivocation will yield that this practice commanded a vast amount of attention during the Renaissance, the time period of , in which Jesuitical equivocation was an ongoing phenomenon. The practice became part of the Renaissance er. This creates the world of femininity and masculinity.

The author argues that these are false concepts which the plays variously uphold or deny. This argument is explored within four specific areas: language, action, dress and sexuality. Where the plays show that the elision of female and feminine is false, the author argues that they demonstrate that power could exist unaffected by gendered ideals. The author also demonstrates that there are points where the plays themselves elide these two concepts, and thus do not transcend the circumstances and period of their own creation.

The author concludes that, throughout the plays, contradictory versions of the female gender are simultaneously constructed. She argues that male characters are also subject to the construction of gender. Although this construction has a more negative effect for women than men, it can mean that men are victims too. The thesis demonstrates that the potency of power is affected by the gender of its possessor and that gender is a false, culturally- created construct.

Seeing this observation not only as part of feminist Shakespearean criticism but also as relevant to the lives of real men and women, the author finally argues that understanding how misogyny works in literature, which is one aim of this thesis, is essential to changing why it works in life. Social bookmarking:. A-Z Index Accessibility. You are in: Home Research Durham e-Theses.


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M.A. Thesis. MADNESS IN SHAKESPEARE'S MAJOR TRAGEDIES: ores tragédias de Shakespeare: Hamlet, Othello, King Lear e. Macbeth. Seu principal objetivo é. Wilamowski, Kurt E., "The Feminine Other: A Study of the Women in Shakespeare's Major Tragedies" (). Masters Theses. Ma thesis shakespeare for mia hamm essays. March 4, /in SVC Blog /by Shepherdstown Visitors Center. Within days of lehman brothers.