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Business plan on catfish farming

Most common fishes farmed in commercial farms are salmon, carp, tilapia , catfish and cod. Catfish most suitable and profitable species for commercial fish farming. Catfish has huge market demand for its amazing health benefits and market demand. In a commercial fish farming, catfish takes 18 months to get ready, catfish grown in fish pond is smaller than the wild catfish. There are several varieties of catfish species, most popular catfish varieties are blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish.

Tilapia is another profitable fish species suitable for commercial fish farming after carp and salmon. These fish have great demand for its high popularity and rich in proteins and vitamins. Tilapia fish grow to large size depending on the capabilities. Tilapia fishes are tropical varieties requires required warm water to grow. The ideal water in the fish should be temperature be between 28 to 30 degrees.

These fish ponds need intensive management. Tilapia Fish. Salmon is another popular variety for commercial fish farming. Salmon fish comes in two other varieties are — Chinook and Coho. These fish species are not disease resistant, these should be vaccinated to prevent from diseases and they even need additional medication in extreme conditions.

Salmon Fish. Tuna fish are saltwater species that give more profits in commercial fish farming. There are different varieties of Tuna fishes, bluefin, yellowfin, and albacore. Commercial farming Tuna fish is a bit difficult as these fishes are massive and very active. Tuna fish are carnivores and these fishes eat other fishes. Farming of Tuna fishes is done in net pens offshore and in recirculation systems. Japan is the largest consumer of Tuna Fish.

Tuna Fish. Eel fish farming is the profitable species for commercial fish farming. These fishes have huge demand in export markets. Eels fishes are a carnivorous and catadromous fish, means these fishes grow in fresh water when they are young, and they migrate to sea water for breeding. Asia, China, Japan and Taiwan are leading producers of commercial eel fishes as the biggest producers.

Eel farming can be grown in — high intensity recirculating tank indoors or intensive pond facilities. Eel Fish. Commercial shrimp farming has a great market in the Asian market. Commercial shrimp farming has a simplest culture approach. Shrimp has a great market demand is very high and you can initiate small and large-scale shrimp farming very easily with less effort. Freshwater Shrimp Prawn. Ornamental fishes are colorful and attractive and generally known as aquarium fish.

Ornamental Fish. You require many fish farming supplies for in commercial fish farming business. Feed and feeders Feed quality plays a key role fish farming. Feeding depends on desirable color, growth and overall health and well-being of the fishes. There are a wide variety of different feeds are required for different types fish species. Water Filtration Systems: Water filtration systems are important, that shows the great impact on pond environment.

Filtration includes removal of waste products in the pond water. There are several varieties of filtering systems that can be used, depends on the requirement. Predator control: You should take necessary steps in controlling predators. Take the necessary steps like fences, and physical deterrents like visual and audio deterrents. Fish farming business is an ancient farming method that has increased its market these days. Fishes are a great source of vitamins and proteins, through commercial fish farming that is done in fresh water can help you to grow different variety of fishes for consumption.

Building a fish farming pond is a tough task, but running a fish farming business is rewarding, fun, and can earn you good returns in the long run. Here we give you a complete information about a fish farming pond in a fish farming business plan:. First, Decide the type fish farm: Before you are planning for fish pond construction and design, first decide,. The Pond size should be capable of handling the type of fish you are planning to grow.

If growing too large size fish, pond size may be sufficient when they are small in size, but if they attain a large size, the space may be congested. So, make a deep study about the type of fishes and their required pond size. Medium Size Fish Ponds. The Position of the fish pond plays a key role in good and healthy growing fishes.

If planning a fish farm in backyards or any other place, select an appropriate position. Consider the following steps before choosing a location for the fish pond:. Once the location is decided, now draw the sketches and map exact measurements and the dimensions of the pond. Mapping can help to you to visualize the size and the design of the pond. You can also use ropes or garden hoses to draw the design of the fish pond.

Once the layout is ready, now ready to dig the fish pond. Considering these tips will help you be able to dig your fish pond more successfully without hurdles. Once the fish pond is dug, line it up with a rubber liner or a tarp. Before laying the trap at the bottom first make a thin layer of sand across the surface area of the hole to reduce the tears.

And to protect this liner or trap you can also use some geotextile fabric that protects runner liner from getting damaged. The main reason for using a trap is it protect the water from seeping out into the surrounding lands. If trap not used water should be supplied constantly into the pond to maintain the water level in the fish pond.

Otherwise, you need to fill the pond with to maintain the water level. Fish Pond with Liners. Ponds can be sealed without rubber liners or traps, these are also many other best and cheapest options other than liner or traps.

But this process depends on your soil type and the clay content of the soil. Even you can get a sell sodium bentonite clay that is used as a pond sealer. Even there are many sustainable traditional pond liners that are worth safe for using. We also use polyethylene with ethanol-based plastics which is better than fossil-fuel based plastic liners.

If you are using a rubber liner or tarp at the bottom, it is a good idea to start to place it from the center of the pond. The size of the traps or liner depends on the size of the ponds, order a sufficient number of liner that can cover a complete pond area. While introducing fish into pond, fish make water to settle completely, so that dirt gets settled completely.

Now mix fishes slowly in the fish pond water in a bucket water first for 10 to 15 minutes that will help the fish to acclimatize to the new water PH levels. Now slowly tip the fish into the fish ponds. Minimizing the stress levels in the fish will increase the rate survival and make to adjust new environment quickly. If the maximum number of fishes is alive, then add remaining fishes. If you see more dead fish, them check with cause, before adding remaining fishes.

The pH levels in the soil can cause death of fishes, some fishes require a set PH level to survive in. If the pH level is under control, check with an expert to address the exact problem. Feeding is the main part in the fish farming business. Fish needs good and nutritious feed for proper growth and survival.

Feed management plays a key success in fish farming business. The feed should be well balanced, nutritious feed which includes protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. The moss or aquatic insects are considered as a natural feed that in available in that pond, which not sufficient for all the fishes.

These natural feeds consumed by the fish during early stages. Some fertilizers are available that produces natural feed in the ponds, but these are not recommended. Along with natural feeds, supplementary feed ensures the fast growth of fish. So, for a commercial fish farming business, we must use supplementary feeds to increase production of fish in short span of time.

There are two different types of fish feed. One is Natural feed and other is supplementary feed. The natural fish feed is which grows naturally in the pond, this feed increases the natural fertility of soil and water and this feed can be developed in pond by applying fertilizer is called a natural feed of fish. Natural feed is the main and the best feed for surviving of fish at early stages. Below are some natural feeds for fishes that should be available in the pond.

Along with natural feed we should also provide some supplementary food for fishes for a healthy growth. As the natural feed available may not be sufficient when they grow bigger. These supplementary feeds which we provide for the fishes are called supplementary fish feeds. Supplementary fish feeds are available in the market or you can prepare yourself. A successful approach in developing a business plan for fish farming, there are important components to consider before you develop a marketing plan.

Below is some feature to consider in fish marketing. As the many marketing reports all over the world, the global fisheries and aquaculture production was more than million tonnes by the end of this year. So, by checking the huge demand for fish has increased the fish farming business all over the world.

The global aquaculture industry has created the waves for profits in these years. Catfish is one of the businesses you get a high return on investment within a short period of time if done well. Catfish farming is a lucrative form of fish farming business. I have work with many catfish farmers that are smiling to the bank.

Fish farming consists of two major subdivisions, which could either be operated separately or as an integrated process. The two subdivisions are the nursery and the grow-out pond operation. The nursery operation is the basis for the grow-out operation and as such it cannot be operated without the nursery.

The nursery involves the inducement of the female fish to lay eggs, which are then fertilized, incubated and hatched fish are known as fries. These fries are then nurtured from between three and four weeks into fingerlings which is the size suitable for use in the fish grow-out operation. The nursery and grow-out operation is referred to as primary operation. It involves the nurturing of the three or four weeks within which they could grow into post fingerlings, mini juveniles and juveniles respectively.

At this point, there are nurtured for between four to five months into grow-out or table size fish suitable for sale and consumption. At www. Writing professional business plan can be very technical and demanding and also requires a lot of research. We have done the dirty work for you. The complete catfish farming business plan is in Words Doc format and also the financial analysis is in excel format so that you can edit it to suit your taste.

What about N15,? Click here to pay online now and download immediately. I want to say a big thank you for the business plan you sent. The plan is rich and detailed and professionally developed as explained on your web page. In fact the plan worth more than price.

I have gone through the financial template and I have made some changes to suit my needs and would present it to my banker next. Am I going to present it together with the financial template or should I only present the business plan? You can call me on or [email protected]. Pls I need informations on Catfish farming and Palm oil farming. Am about to retire from service, hence the above needs.


Growth rate of the industry 4 d. Industry structure 5 e. Key success factors 6 3. History of the company 7 b. Mission statement 7 c. Products 7 d. Legal status and ownership 8 e. Current Status 8 4. Market Analysis 9 b. Target Market 9 c. Buying Behaviour 10 d. Competitors Analysis 10 e.

Projection of Annual Sales 11 5. Revenue Drivers 12 b. Fixed and Variable Cost 12 c. Operating Leverage 13 d. Start-up Cost 13 e. Marketing Strategy 16 b. Product 17 c. Price 17 d. Promotion 17 e. Distribution 17 7.

Development Status and Task 18 b. Challenges and Risk involved 19 c. Projected Development Cost 20 8. General Approach of operations 21 b. Business Location 21 c. Facilities and Equipment 22 9. Management Team Skills Profile 23 b. Company Structure 24 Income statement 25 b. Statement of Asset and Liabilities 26 c. Cash flow statement 27 d. Ratio Analysis 27 The main economic significant of the business is to contribute towards narrowing down the fish demand- supply gap deficit in Nigeria as well as the supply of proteins and micro nutrients for feeding the teeming population Gombe State, North East and Nigeria at large.

They are all experienced in the field of fish farming and have managed different businesses across the state. The catfish industry is a lucrative business as the demand for fish in the country is growing geometrically, the opportunity to expand is necessary because of the growing demand for fish and due to some health benefits attached to consumption of fish as compared to consumption of meat.

With our dominance, and being the only and pioneering fish farm in this locality, we would flood the whole market with our fish. The risk of the business is mainly getting a market and we have already identified our target market. The cost benefit analysis of this plan shows that in the startup year, with fingerlings in stock and projected sales of adult fish in one circle which is half a year, we would make N1, , The catfish industry in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing segments of the agriculture fish market today.

The growth potential for the catfish market is at its strongest level ever. The demand for catfish is increasing due to the ever-increasing health consciousness of consumer. Per capita consumption of fish in Nigeria has increased geometrically. Not to mention the increasing demand in our society for locally grown products.

This deficit was partly augmented by massive importation of fish of about 1,, tons. This is a big drawback on our scarce foreign exchange. This still left a huge deficit of 4,, tons, hence the concerted effort to ensure self-sufficiency in fish production through aquaculture in Nigeria. The demand for Fish in the country is currently estimated at about 11,, million tons annually, as against the local annual production of just 3,, metric tons, giving a demand- supply gap of about 8,, million tons.

It is very clear that the demand is far higher than supply. The participants of this industry are all after which supply type would bring profit. The awareness on the potential of aquaculture to contribute to domestic fish production has continued to increase in the country. This stems from the need to meet the much needed fish for domestic production and export. Fish species which are commonly cultured include Tilapia spp, Heterobranchusbodorsalis, Clariasgariepinus, Mugiespp, Chrysichthysnigrodigitatus, Heterotisniloticus, Ophioce-phalus obscure, Cyprinuscarpio and Megalospp.

Fish culture is done in enclosures such as tanks. The aquaculture sub sector contributes between 0. There are no up and downtrends in this industry as there is always demand for catfish. Demands even goes higher than normal during festive periods but they are no periods when demand is below normal as even during fasting periods, at evening time of break, people would also come to buy to break their fast.

The idea for this business plan emanated from the classroom, due to the nature of the course which requires students to understand clearly the importance of entrepreneurship and the various ways to write a business plan. However, the idea to venture into fish farming Cat fish came from the urge to fill the demand for fish in this environment.

It takes a life cycle of about six months to get to maturity when feed adequately. Catfish is an indigenous spice. As a result of the growing cost of buying meat, this has created much demand for fish. This is the market we intend to fill by taking our product Cat fish to the market. Nigeria who is a major consumer of fish has been known for her large importation and total dependence on fishing in rivers lakes and the sea, yet the demand for fish is still high.

This large market of life fish has remained untapped by the residence of States in North East, North West and North Central Nigeria, and you are one of the chosen few to enjoy what it has to offer. On daily bases a large number of fish is been imported into the country in order to attempt to meet the unending demand yet the demand never seems to reduce. This is an indication that there is a need for increased fish farming in the North and Central regions of the country.

We would make effort to contact cold room buyers within the States, and preservation through drying is also an option we are planning for. We are also planning to reach out to industrial users that utilize the fish for fish meal production and other products.

BUYING BEHAVIOR As a new business that is just starting, also considering the location of our business, we will be selling basically on cash but might consider giving credits to individual who purchase in large quantity either for consumption or resale. From our analysis, the cost per kilogram of frozen fish, popularly called ice-fish is N, to achieve this, weighing three units which give a kilogram of and a unit of that size of fish bought for N Currently, the catfish is sold to main distributors at N per kilogram, and it is retailed at N per kilogram, this makes it reasonably cheaper, survey data has shown that the catfish is preferred to the frozen ice-fish in taste and nutritional value.

For other competitors in the cat fish market, we have a considerable advantage, being that fish farming is our passion and our farm is situated right within reach and the market premises which makes supervision easier and effective.

We the business partners as the sole equity owners and also the ones to provide most of the factors for the production as land the location and climate of the area is very suitable for fish production. The business has relatively low overhead expenses with few staff presently to match current production capacity.

Economically, the continuous importation of frozen fish to the country reduces our GDP, and thus reduces the national income. Also, the ever increasing rate of unemployment in the country is truly becoming worrisome to the Government and well-meaning Nigerians. Unlike poultry farming or other farms where you can have other bye products like the animal dung, fish have no such bye products which you can also sale for profit. Our revenue driver, would be the sale of the grown up or adult fish to the market.

The revenue to be raised here from this sale is high if we are able to work hard and ensure our fish are alive, healthy and well feed and reach the market desired size. So have to work hard so that this is achieved. You can sink a borehole, well or use natural sources of water like river and stream.

It is also possible to harvest large volume of water during the rainy season for use in the dry season. This is what a lot of fish farmers do not do in Nigeria. You must send samples of your soil and water to a credible laboratory for analysis. The soil and water test will show the PH of the water and soil, nutrients profile of the water and soil and the microbial nature and count of the soil and water.

If the test shows any anomaly, you will have to correct the anomaly. For example, an acidic soil will need to be amended with lime. There are several types of ponds. Each type of fish pond has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is better you always engage an expert to build your fish pond for you. Veggie Grow builds good fish ponds for farmers in Nigeria sales veggiegrow. You should have several ponds. At different stages, you will have to sort your fishes and put fishes in different ponds according to their sizes. You will also have a separate pond for keeping sick and injured fishes.

This is called the quarantine pond. If you do not sort and separate your fishes, the big ones will not allow the smaller ones to feed, this can lead to death of the smaller ones and ultimately a loss making fish farming business. Thieves are attracted to fish farms because they know that they can easily sell the products. You can fence the farm round or employ a security guard. Some areas are however very safe even without all these aforementioned measures. If your fish farm is big, you will need to recruit capable staff.

Do not engage people based on big paper qualifications. Employ those with hands on experience on fish farming. You should also ask them for references from their past employers. Your fish farm should have constant supply of power.

You can use a small power generator if the supply of power from the grid is erratic. Most fish farmers get it wrong at this stage. I can confirm that most fingerlings and other fish seeds in Nigeria have undergone inbreeding. They are not fit for a good fish farming venture.

This is what a lot of farmers do not know. Once you buy this type of fingerlings or fish seeds, you will keep feeding them and they will not grow big, at the end of the day, you are likely to make a huge loss. Even most fish hatcheries after hatching their fingerlings will keep the good ones for themselves and sell the bad fingerlings to unsuspecting fish farmers.

Get good fingerlings and you are half way to making good profit in fish farming. Avoid runts and do not go around looking for fingerlings priced at rock bottom prices, this is the trick they use to lure you to buy bad fingerlings.

The types of fish seeds are post fries, fingerlings, juveniles and jumbo. The prices range from N8 to N You should strictly follow the daily management plan of your fish farm. Disinfectants should be used intermittently to clean the water. There are also antibiotics that can be used to attack diseases that can affect the fish farm. You should not harvest your fishes before you get a firm commitment from buyers. Some buyers trick farmers to harvest and later get to the farm and start offering ridiculous prices.

You can also visit restaurants and hotels around your location to market your products. This fish farming business plan is for the rearing of 5, catfish to maturity. There are several ways a farmer can use to save money while stocking fish seeds or fingerlings. This business plan suggests the buying of 15, fingerlings at N10 each which will make the cost of buying the fingerlings N, Please note that the fingerlings will be separated intermittently until the best and most healthy 5, fishes are left till maturity.

The rest of the fingerlings can be sold to other fish farmers. Also note that the fish farmer can also prefer to have his own hatchery, this is not discussed in this aquaculture business plan. In the first month, the sum of N, will be spent on the fish farm. This includes the cost of fingerlings which is N, At the first month, the fishes should be fed as frequent as possible. At least, the fishes should be fed three times a day. About 12 bags of fish feed will be consumed by the fishes in the first month.

Copper feed can be used at this stage, it retails for N8, — N8, per bag. The pond should be disinfected and treated with salt and antibiotics medication weekly. Blagdon is a fantastic anti bacteria and anti fungi medication that can be used. Also, tetracycline and other broad spectrum anti-biotic medication can be used. Separation of fishes according to sizes should commence in the first month.

The labor costs, cost of power, cost of operations and medications and miscellaneous are in the table above. In the second month, about 14 bags of feed are expected to be consumed by the fishes. Ziegler feed and coppers feed are appropriate at this stage. About N, is expected to be spent on feeding in the second month, N15, on labour, N11, on power, N10, on cost of operations and N6, on miscellaneous making a total cost for the second month to be N, In the third month, N, is expected to be spent.

The cost of feeding is expected to be about N, Ziegler feed and maggot should be used extensively in the third month. In the fourth month, about 32 bags of feeds are expected to be consumed by the fishes. The biggest fishes should eat 6mm feed while the medium size fishes should eat 4mm feed.

The total cost expected to be spent in the fourth month is N, The breakdown of the cost is shown in the table above. In the fifth month which is expected to be the last month before harvest, N, is expected to be spent on feeding, labour, operations, miscellaneous and power as shown in the table above. If the fish farm is well run and the fishes are separated to different ponds according to their sizes.

All things been equal, about 1, super big fishes, N1, big fishes, 2, medium size fishes and small fishes are expected to be harvested after 5 months or 5. The super big fishes are expected to be sold between N1, and N1, as they can weigh up 1.

Selling the super big fishes N1, each will yield N1,, The big fishes can be sold for N They should weight an average of 1kg or slightly more. This will make the fish farmer about N, if sold N per kg multiplied by 1, fishes. The medium and small fishes expected are 2, pieces. A baff is about 28kg. A sum of N, is expected as sales from the 38 baffs.

Please note that cost, revenue, estimates and assumptions in this fish farming business plan can vary according to your location, management practices and socio-economic realities. This can be profitable and the short term is an advantage. The African catfish usually farmed in Nigeria and other African countries has a fairly large head, small eyes with bones and elongated body.

The catfish grown in Nigeria usually have long dorsal and anal fins and can do well in fresh water bodies. It can also be farmed at home and in farms. The colour of the catfish is brown to black. The belly of the fish is somewhat white. The catfish breathes with its gills which it opens and closes.

Catfish naturally live in the fresh water bodies in Nigeria. Aquaculture is a business venture that started in Nigeria over years ago. People have always farmed fish especially catfish in Nigeria for decades. Catfish has been widely farmed by fish farmers in the southern part of Nigeria and the northern part of Nigeria. The first domestication of catfish in Nigeria was done around in Nigeria. The domestication trials of catfish in Nigeria in the s include the spawning, breeding, catfish farm management, harvesting and marketing.

The earlier fishermen in Nigeria used boats, nets and hooks to catch catfishes in rivers and other fresh water bodies in Nigeria before some of them shifted to aquaculture. Catfish is produced by a number of countries in the world. Even in cold countries like the United Kingdom, Netherland, Canada, United States and Belgium, catfish is farmed and produced in huge volume.

Nigeria and most of the African countries produce catfish. Most of the fish farmers in Nigeria prefer the production of catfish. It has its natural habitat in almost all countries in Nigeria. Catfish is also present in the waters of Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine etc. Catfish is also found in China and Vietnam. As a matter of fact, catfish are now being used in rice farming in these countries. Catfish farming has been proven to increase the yield of rice in China and some other Asian countries.

Catfish are found in rivers, floodplains, lakes, streams and swamps. They can migrate from larger body of water to flooded areas to breed and return to where they came from after breeding. The migration of catfish in uncultured water is largely for reproduction reasons. An adult female catfish can lay about 60, eggs per kg. The egg laid by catfish usually stick to vegetations around the water they live in. When these eggs hatch after hours , juveniles that will later turn to adults emerge.

Catfish in Nigeria are reared in tarpaulin lined pits, ponds, concrete ponds, plastic tanks and fiberglass etc. Fingerlings are usually bought from well established catfish farms, they can also be gotten from flooded plains near rives and dams in Nigeria. These production systems highlighted here are also practiced in other countries. Wide catfish reproduce when the environmental conditions are ideal.

These environmental conditions include the rise in water level, appropriate temperature and humidity and availability of adequate level of water. In aquaculture, hormones are used to enable catfish to reproduce. In catfish farming, having good broodstock can make a farmer make good profit or make a loss.

The government of Nigeria is encouraging various research to enable the country to be self sufficient in the production of good broodstock for catfish farmers. There are a number of large and small hatcheries in Nigeria, though the number of hatcheries in the country is not enough. In well run hatcheries, catfish larvae are usually fed with a combination of egg yolk, cow brain for days before they are stocked at per square meter ponds. The ponds are enriched with chicken manure to promote the growth of zooplankton before the larvae are introduced.

In some cases, the ponds are protected with nets and other materials to guard against predators. Compounded feeds are usually used to feed the catfish postlarvae for days. After harvesting at the 28 th day, the fingerlings are weighed and graded. Those weighing below 10 grams are transferred to the production pond while those weighing below 6 grams may be fattened to reach the ideal weight of 6 grams before they are sold to farmers who need them or taken into production ponds.

In Nigeria, large hatcheries run by big time catfish farmers use the intensive recirculation systems. Genetically improved broodstock are used in these hatcheries with living organisms as feeds. These live feeds include Artemia, Brachionus, Moina and Daphnia. In Nigeria, the demand for catfish fingerlings is huge. It far exceeds the supply of fingerlings. A lot of the fingerlings supplied in Nigeria are of poor quality, they do not grow big, thereby reducing the Returns on Investment ROI of farmers.

Artemia is used to feed fry in the recirculation aquaculture systems for the first 14 days. Water temperature must no exceed 28 degree Celsius and biofilters are used to remove the excess ammonia and nitrogen in the recirculation aquaculture system. All the components of the aquaculture system are disinfected after every cycle in order to prevent or avoid diseases. Techniques of growing catfish. There are a number of ways that can be used to grow or farm catfish, these methods are explained below:.

Earthen ponds are common in Nigeria for the growing of catfish. This type of fish growing method involves the digging of a specified size of land and converting the dug land to a pond where fish can be stocked, fed and harvested when they are mature enough.

Stocking of fish in earthen ponds are usually done so that harvest will coincide with festive periods like Easter celebrations, Christmas, New Year and the Muslim festivals. Fish farmers expect to make super normal profits at these times of the year because of the increased demand for their stock of fish.

Earthen ponds are usually fertilized with chicken manure and other organic kitchen leftovers like plantain peels, yam peels and food leftovers etc. Compost can also be used to fertilise the earthen ponds. Fertilisation improves the development of zooplankton which the fish can feed on.

This can lead to the general wellbeing of the fishes and increase their weight. When using earthen ponds for catfish growing, grading of fish is intermittently done in order to separate the larger and the smaller fishes. The larger fishes can feed on the small ones and reduce the potential profit of the owner of the pond.

Grading and separation of fishes in earthen ponds also enable the smaller fishes to have the chance to feed will because if they are kept with bigger fishes, they will not be able to fish well and they may starve to death. Nets should be used to guard and fence the earthen ponds so that predators like snakes will not have access to the pond. The net can also stop the catfish from going to nearby water bodies to spawn.

Tanks and raceways In Nigeria, most of the catfish farmers prefer rearing their fishes in ponds. The use of tanks is common in the urban areas of Nigeria because it is portable and very easy to use. The use of tanks for the growing of catfish does not need any special skills or technicians like the use of ponds.

Unlike ponds, technicians are needed for the mapping and construction of the pond. Fish tanks can easily be bought in the open market and set up within a few hours. The tank can either be plastic, steel or made with concrete. The plastic and steel tanks can be easily bought in the open market while the concrete fish tank has to be built on the site of fish farm.

In Nigeria, a concrete tank of 4m by 3m by 1. After 6 months of feeding these fishes, a harvest of kg per cycle can be achieved. The yield depends on the competences and skills of the fish farmer. Water recirculation system is a new system of growing catfish that has been adopted and introduced in Nigeria. Some farmers now practise catfish farming with this unique method.

To be successful in water recirculation system, there should be availability of quality floating feed which is a concern in some parts of Nigeria. Without good floating fish feed, the use of water recirculation system may not be successful. There should also be adequate supply of power as the water will be circulated around the system intermittently.

In a typical water recirculation system, a water pump and plastic substrate biological filter are used. Fingerlings are stocked at per cubic meter and the recirculation rate is about litres per second.

Fish production rates of above kg per cubic meter can be recorded every year. Most of the floating fish feed in Nigeria are imported, however, some producers and fish farmers in Nigeria produce their own fish feed. Freshwater is better used for the recirculation aquaculture system as they have very low saline level. Catfish do not do well in salty water.

The water in the recirculation system is purified intermittently with the use of plastic substrate biological filters. The system is houses in a fiberglass, concrete housing of plastic tanks. The main difference between the recirculation aquaculture system and tanks is that the former is highly intensive and a farmer can harvest up to 1, kg of fish per cubic meter space.

The size of land required for the recirculation aquaculture system is also small. A lot can be achieved from the intensive nature of recirculation aquaculture system; however, it may be expensive to use this type of fish growing system in Nigeria. In this method of growing catfish, fingerlings are introduced with flooded plains which are usually very rich in zooplankton. This can be done in areas that experience seasonal flooded plains every year. Flooded plains are fertile for all types of agriculture because debris and decomposed plant materials are brought to the flooded plains.

The flood plains also have the advantage of natural recruitment of catfish fingerlings. The water emanating from flood activities bring along with it all manners of fishes and their fingerlings. Local people can use a part of the flooded plains; introduce their own catfish fingerlings and harvest the adults before the flood recede at the end of the season. This is a cost effective way of practicing aquaculture especially the farming of catfish in Nigeria and other African countries with seasonal flooded plains.

The use of holes to grow catfish is not common in Nigeria, it is very common in southern Asian countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In this type of catfish growing method, ditches of , metres square are constructed or dug, fingerlings are introduced into these holes, pits or ditches and they are fed till they grow into adults and harvested.

The stocking rate of fingerlings in the holes is 1 gram of fry at cubic meter and harvests are expected to be grams of fish. Cages are also used for farming catfish in Nigeria. Catfish can be stocked in cages dipped in open water bodies like rivers and dams.

The water bodies must contain fresh water. The main advantage of using cages for rearing of fish is that you do not need to change the water as the flowing water replenishes the cage with fresh water. Cage can also be somewhat easier to manage than other methods of rearing catfish.

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Are you thinking about starting a fish farming business?

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Cheap paper writers sites uk This is a cost effective way of practicing aquaculture especially the farming of catfish in Nigeria and other African countries with seasonal flooded plains. Avoid runts and do not go around looking for fingerlings priced at rock bottom prices, this is the trick they use to lure you to buy bad fingerlings. Fish production rates of above kg per cubic meter can be recorded every year. Fish tanks can easily be bought in the open market and set up within a few hours. We intend to use market penetration as our marketing strategy. Chicken manure is one of the most nutritious manures that can be used for pond culture online essay writing tutor summer course tilapia fish in Nigeria.
General office cover letter Aquaculture is a business venture that started in Nigeria over years ago. Tanks and raceways In Nigeria, most of the catfish farmers prefer rearing their fishes in ponds. Tilapia fish are kept their eyes are watching god essays these cages till harvest. Catfish do not do well in salty water. I want to start fish farming, Hence theres still a lot for me to learn and how can I embark in this journey. Graded bars can also be used in partial harvesting cashier job resume catfish especially if the farmer uses a recirculation system or tanks. They may also be found in brackish water.


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You should look at his material on catfish and perhaps hire his consulting services. Please, I am from Liberia there is no commocial catfish farming, I want to start at small. I need more tips. I am a student in Ghana and am interested in starting my own catfish hatchery. Thank you. Agu, have my compliments. Am a Ghanaian and can you please help me with cat fish hatchery and grow out program? Happy to hear from you.

In fact am very interested in the business but how to Start is what am thinking about, but getting you has put me on the way ,thank you. Atrix will find you record labelen,atrix will get u paid show,atrix will promote your music all over africa. Add whatsApp 28dbf2ac bbm channel aTrixent Yahoo. I have interest in starting a catfish farming for business in the North East of England. I would like to be better informed.

Please am also interested in catfish farming I need someone to guide me on how to start here in Abakaliki. I have interest in going into fish farming business in Abuja, Nigeria. I will appreciate if i can get more details on it. For a bankable and competitive business plan on Fish Production, processing and marketing, and on other businesses, contact us on To make a lot of profit in your Catfish farming business, you need to cut the cost of feeding your fishes and Catfish grown at high densities requires a nutritionally complete feed to produce good growth and maintain good health.

I distribute to all parts of the country to Sub-distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and End-users. We supply Nationwide to your farm or doorstep at an affordable price of NGN 2, per 15kg bag including transportation.

The ingredients required to manufacture high quality feed are readily available here in Nigeria hence my Catfish feed has a high quality energy source required for growth and maintenance of body tissue resulting in improved weight gains because it is fortified with balanced vitamins, minerals and amino acids plus Stabilized Vitamin C required for better metabolism, skeletal formation, nerves, body fluid regulation and enzymes to yield maximum productivity.

I am interested in setting up a catfish operation large enough to provide protein for a family of two adults and 1 teen. How many fish and how large a pond would be needed? Thanks for reaching out. To get the most educational content on sustainable aquaculture, sign up with us and our partners at the Ecolonomic Action Team EAT at ceed. Wayne Dorband shares his expertise with weekly lectures on varifying topics aquaculture growers face in business. We have free courses for a limited time as well as paid courses available, streaming live webinars every week!

Also, you can sign up at aquaculture. Please how many catfish will u recomend for both ponds each. Thanks for your comment! I can tell you are dedicated to aquaculture. Wayne Dorband. This is a lovely info! How can you be of help? We certainly can help you with your aquaculture consulting needs. Here are several things we can do for you. First, we are going to make you a FREE member of our site where we teach courses and have live webinars about all kinds of aquaculture and agriculture. Second, one of our staff will contact you and see about scheduling a brief FREE call or skype for outside US conversation.

He will coordinate the timing for us. Please fill that out. Hi I have started my small catfish farm in dar es salaam Tanzania, I m looking forward to expand and have a bigger farm deending on the demand, how can I get your assistance and consultation?

Can u help in anyway with catfish exportation? Or is there any organization or individual u can get one connected with. Adegboye, We certainly can help you with your aquaculture consulting needs. Do you know of any solar programs that aid in aquaculture programs. Thanks for the post. But we want to be proficient in catfish hatching and farming We are also interested in exporting fish outside the country. Can you help us with these.

I would like more detailed info. I want to begin this spring. I have to land. Please share videos, websites or manuals you have. Is their someone I can talk to. You could look at his material on catfish and perhaps hire his consulting services. In Lagos ,Nigeria. I think that is one of the so much important information for me. But wanna commentary on few common things, The site taste is perfect, the articles is really nice : D.

Excellent job, cheers. Good time of day. Pay attention to the information below. Maybe we could be helpful to each other. If you have clients in Europe, we would be glad to cooperate with you on favorable terms. I apologize for your English. I am a producer of fry catfish Soma in Ukraine.

Our Malek is the best quality in our country. In two years of work we have helped to start the business of growing fish more than farms. Also advised Israeli investors in the Congo. Businessmen from China come to our consultation. This year we plan to open a workshop on growing fry catfish Soma in Poland. The specially equipped car is ready to deliver it all over Europe. Planned price fry weight 0. We also have great success in growing the Rosenberg shrimp. Hey My name is Michelle.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Starting a catfish farm The first step to starting a catfish farm is to decide what species of catfish you want to grow. Marketing plan To start your marketing plan, determine what type of catfish you will focus on. Prepare a business plan Make sure to construct a detailed feasibility report of your farm, where you will have details about your capital, expenses, and profit.

Legal documents Research on what permits and licensing you will need to start your business as a catfish farmer. Health and environmental concerns Keep your fish healthy, make a point to detect early signs of diseases, and take the necessary actions to prevent them. Want more tips on business?

Download our free eBook and unleash your entrepreneurial powers. Content Provider on November 20, at pm. Plswhere is our office situated. Hira on October 10, at am. Odimbah Sunday on December 20, at pm. Jonah on November 27, at pm. Olamide on January 14, at pm. Just want to get into. Nick on May 31, at pm. Judy Clark on March 31, at am. Minaz on May 16, at pm. I m merely looking for investors,, Reply. Thanks for the tips.

Jay C on January 25, at am. Okoko Patrick on June 9, at am. Come to Nigeria Reply. Timothy S. Moore on July 12, at pm. Thanks Reply. I can train you on it Catfish hatchery or grow out depending on ur choice Reply. Evans Mensah on April 10, at pm. Christopher Agim on December 27, at am. I need to learn give me your contact Reply.

Alphonse F on April 17, at pm. Fabian on January 2, at am. Hi, i need to be trained. Where are you and how much will it cost me. Partick Doe zometi on June 13, at am. In fact am very interested in the business but how to Start is what am thinking about, but getting you has put me on the way ,thank you Reply. Like to have more tips Reply. Keep reading our blogs, you will find more details about fish farming. Content Provider on April 25, at pm.

Hi, Thanks for your query. Please call our office at for guidance. Starr on April 27, at pm. I was looking evrwerheye and this popped up like nothing! Content Provider on April 28, at am. Tony on May 21, at pm. Lele on April 27, at pm. Y on April 24, at pm. You got that right hu Reply. Yomi on January 24, at pm.

Content Provider on January 25, at am. Someone will get in touch with you shortly. Agbalakwe blessing on April 2, at am. Please am also interested in catfish farming I need someone to guide me on how to start here in Abakaliki Reply.

Emmanuel on March 28, at pm. Tony O on February 19, at am. Regards Reply. Content Provider on March 9, at am. Tuesday on April 27, at pm. If you are so keen on starting this catfish farming business, then let us proceed straight to the steps you will have to undertake. This is probably one of the first steps you will have to take in starting your catfish farm. You must first and foremost decide which species of catfish you want to rear. There are various species of catfish, and the catfish species you decide upon will depend on the size of your pond, your target market, and the way you operate your farm.

You cannot go into the catfish farming business and just hope to succeed without having some in-depth knowledge about the catfish farming business beforehand. Before you venture out into that catfish farming business, take your time to go work on a catfish farm and know all that there is to know about the business before starting up on your own.

If you are not going to be paid working on a catfish farm, you could decide to work for them for free. If you cannot work in a catfish farm, then you must get yourself someone, preferably a mentor in the catfish farming business to give you all the business insider details. If you do not know anyone who is into the catfish farming business that could give you the needed information, then you must search for one.

It is even much important that you seek this insider information from catfish farmers in faraway places because they will be very much comfortable disseminating trade secrets to you than a catfish farmer in your area who may consider you a potential competitor.

Now is the time you have to decide upon the scale you want to operate. Do you have the resources to startup a large — scale catfish farming business, or a medium — scale or small — scale catfish farming business? The scale you decide upon the will, however, depend upon the resources you have, how much startup capital you have to start with, how big the land for your catfish pond is.

This is where you will have to decide who you want to sell your catfishes to. It is at this stage that you will have to do a critical market analysis to know the people who truly need catfish. Most people indeed eat fishes, especially Africans, but you just cannot startup your catfish farm without knowing exactly who your target market is. You must define your target because fish is not a durable product, hence you will incur losses in the long run by keeping grown fishes for too long in your pond.

Of course, you must acquire suitable land for your catfish farm. The location of the land you acquire will depend on several factors such as nearness to the target market; nearness to clean, adequate and quality water supply; nearness to good road, etc. Also, the size of the land will depend upon your goal for the business. If you intend to start a catfish farming business as a side business, you may not require a large size of land.

You may only need to have your pond at the back of your house. This is where the knowledge you have acquired working in a catfish farm will be of immense benefit. You cannot just go ahead and build your catfish pond all by yourself without knowing the standards that are required of a catfish pond. There are standards that the pond must be built according to.

You must seek the assistance of nearby catfish farmers if you do not have the needed knowledge and experience required to build a catfish pond. Before you can go and obtain the required permits and licenses, first you must go and get a good business name for your catfish business and get it registered with the relevant authorities in your country.

You must make inquiries as to the necessary licenses and permits you will require to operate your catfish farming business in your location. Seek the assistance of other catfish farmers. You could also employ the services of a consultant to help you get all the paper works done. You will have to pay the consultant a small fee for his services anyway.