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A full set of resources to accompany this feature can be downloaded for free here. Calling all English teachers: does this sound familiar? As structure gcse english lit essay go through extracts in the last lesson on Friday afternoon, you ask carefully crafted questions, and note with satisfaction how students shoot their hands up in a flash, like Barry Allen on the run. Later, back at home, you mark them. What went wrong?

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Terrorist ate my homework

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There is presently broad aversion to such housing strategy among state leaders, and Gavin Newsom just cut million dollars from our wildfire prevention budget. But there are cities with power in much warmer, average climates than New York or Northern California. Mainly what our country seems to be facing is a series of infrastructural challenges, perhaps the greatest of which is our failure to produce enough energy.

This is a challenge our political leaders have created proudly, and on purpose. Two months ago, Andrew Cuomo shut down the Indian Point Energy Center , a nuclear power plant, which is to say a safe, abundant, carbon neutral source of energy. While he celebrated the fact, critics attacked the decision explicitly and correctly on grounds that it would lead to increased carbon emissions and summer blackouts.

They simply dictated any new source of energy must be carbon neutral to preemptively quell the justifiable outrage their decision elicited from people who actually care about climate change, and called it a day. But our challenge, now, is producing enough carbon-neutral energy to power the state without nuclear, for which we have no strategy. Blackouts are our future by design. Is this a contemporary sort of elitist fasting, in which our leaders travel out of town while the rest of us fast on their behalf… with the lights out?

It also proves that almost no one in a position of elected leadership is taking global warming seriously. Climate change is just the excuse Democratic leaders use when their policies fail, which happens chronically, while Republicans refuse to even admit the world is warming, thus ceding the entire rational ground in this conversation to irrational actors. In the first place, we can reduce our carbon emissions with a policy of nuclear energy.

Then, there are no shortage of ways to reduce the amount of carbon already in our atmosphere. This is really just the kind of stuff we talk about in the context of terraforming other planets, but on a much smaller scale. For a more ambitious example:. This is something called afforestation, which I discussed at length with activist and biohacker Gabriel Licina in Alien Ecology , one of my favorite episodes of Anatomy of Next: New World interview begins around Out at sea, we might consider iron fertilization , which would catalyze massive phytoplankton blooms, capture carbon, and bury it at the bottom of the ocean.

There are solutions to carbon sequestration we should be looking at in everything from industrial chemistry to agriculture. We just have to care about this. The year is , our entire country should be nuclear-powered. The only possible moral purpose of our elected leaders is the security of our country, and the maximization of our abundance and opportunity, any strategy for which necessarily must favor a mindset of growth and invention, with any policy we implement measured soberly against its results.

Clean, safe, and most importantly dense urban areas with abundant mass transit and affordable housing are good for people and the environment. State land needs to be properly managed. Management of state land needs to be adequately funded. The power grid needs to be updated. And we need to expel from government every single idiot who argues the world is going to end in a decade because of carbon in the atmosphere while at the same time working tirelessly to dismantle our only safe, reliable, abundant source of carbon-neutral energy.

Then, in terms of blaming all our problems on business? It turns out Americans still like when things work, which is why Amazon ranks second in institutional favorability, just behind the military. Antifa, the physical incarnation of irrational American political activism, ranks dead last — just behind Hamas, a terrorist organization. Might our politicians have a better use of time than dismantling the most popular institutions in the country? Michael Shellenberger, a conservationist and environmental activist, has written extensively on the reality of global warming, what is and is not in our control, and how we can more effectively manage our conservation and environmental efforts.

A quick thread here:. Gavin Newsom GavinNewsom. But you can buy Apocalypse Never, his book on the subject, here. David Roberts wrote a great piece on trends in urbanism. In general, this is the sort of thing we should all be focusing on. Separate from our challenges, as with global warming for example, what sort of city do we want to live in? What sort of world do we want to build? Bari Weiss wrote a fantastic, alarming piece on the collapse of freedom in Hong Kong.

Jk, welcome to censorship. From Erik Torenberg:. Erik Torenberg eriktorenberg. He suggests a new, perhaps less insane way forward. Click the link we sent to , or click here to log in. Pirate Wires Subscribe. About Archive Help Log in. Mike Solana. Trailer My Teacher Ate My Homework.

Photos Add Image. Top cast Edit. Shelley Duvall Mrs. Fink as Mrs. Edwin Hodge Cody as Cody. Diana Theodore Geneva as Geneva. Dara Perlmutter Annabel as Annabel. John Neville Shopkeeper as Shopkeeper. Margot Kidder Sol as Sol. Dan Warry-Smith Joey as Joey. Stephen Williams. More like this. Storyline Edit. Fink with her arm in a sling the next day and gets spooked when a spot on the doll's face appears, exactly where Mrs.

Fink has a mole. Jesse's worst fears are confirmed when the doll crawls out of his backpack and speaks to him. He throws the doll away, but it turns up in his room again. Jesse is desperate for help. Geneva's friend Sol who is knowledgeable about voodoo, determines that the doll is using Mrs.

Fink's vitality to keep itself alive. Geneva and the boys plan to cast a spell to send the doll back to where it came from. Geneva warns Jesse that he must have pure intent for the spell to work, since the doll is nourished by negative energy.

As a result, Jesse becomes more organized, more focused in school and more responsible around the house. As the full moon rises, Jesse performs the ceremony to restore Mrs. Fink to her rightful place and banish the doll to Shadow Zone. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. User reviews 4 Review. Top review. Kiddie horror done on the cheap.

Kiddie horror? Well, if there is such a movie genre this movie would be a good example. We watched this with the kids for family movie night. I can't say I was very impressed, although the youngest of the kids were riveted to the screen. The older ones got bored halfway through and out came the iPads. I know how they felt.


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