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Phd dissertation in economics write good thesis paragraph

Phd dissertation in economics

Roland, Isabelle Essays on financial frictions and productivity. Alves, Pedro Essays on consumer learning and behavioural economics. Squires, Munir Kinship taxation as a constraint on microenterprise growth. Lei, Yu-Hsiang Essays in political economics of development. Jensen, Anders Essays in public finance. Bo, Shiyu Essays on development economics and Chinese economy. Thwaites, Gregory Essays on the macroeconomics of the great recession.

De Philippis, Marta Essays in economics of education. Derksen, Laura Information, social interactions and health seeking behavior. Pinto, Pedro Franco de Campos Essays on financial macroeconomics. Marden, Samuel Agriculture, development and structural change in reform-era China. Deserranno, Erika Essays in development economics. Ytsma, Erina Performance pay in academia: effort, selection and assortative matching. Bryzgalova, Svetlana Essays in empirical asset pricing. Metelli, Luca Essays in macroeconomics.

Clymo, Alex Essays in macroeconomics and finance. Enkhbayar, Delger Identification of adverse selection and moral hazard: evidence from a randomised experiment in Mongolia. Moore, Alexander Infrastructure, market access and trade in developing countries. Garred, Jason Trade in raw materials and economic development.

Sandford, Sarah Essays in agent motivation. Hodge, Andrew Essays on the social welfare effects of fiscal policy. Shanghavi, Amar Three essays in applied economics. Kawaguchi, Kohei Essays in industrial economics: applications for marketing and management decisions. Palazzo, Francesco Essays in market microstructure. Zhang, Min Essays in social learning. Pessoa, Joao Essays in trade and labour markets. McDowall, Ana Essays on dynamic political economy.

Winkler, Fabian Essays on financial markets and business cycles. Riegler, Markus Essays on frictional labour markets with heterogeneous agents. Pardo Reinoso, Oliver Essays on microeconomics. Lanteri, Andrea Three essays in macroeconomics: capital reallocation, capital utilization and optimal policy with partial information. Fetzer, Thiemo Of naxalites, pirates and microfinance borrowers: three essays in applied microeconomics.

Boehm, Johannes Essays on institutions and productivity. Hofmann, Anett Commitment savings products: theory and evidence. Mallucci, Enrico Essays in international finance. Bagaria, Nitika Essays in labour economics. Nica, Melania Essays in organisational economics. Vesal, Mohammad Essays in public economics.

Osorio-Rodriguez, Daniel Essays on financial policy and macroeconomics. Pinna, Fabio Essays in applied microeconomics. Graetz, Georg Essays in labor economics. Best, Michael Carlos Essays on the economics of taxation. Piffer, Michele An analysis of leverage ratios and default probabilities.

Steinwender, Claudia International and innovation activities of firms. Skellern, Matthew Essays on public services, markets, and intrinsic motivation. Silva-Junior, Daniel Essays on industrial organization. Berlingieri, Giuseppe Essays on international trade and firm organization. Richter, Barbara Essays on the skill premium and the skill bias of technological change. Cheng, Wenya Essays on Chinese economy. Ortiz, Marco Antonio Essays in macroeconomic theory: informational frictions, market microstructure and fat-tailed shocks.

Kodritsch, Sebastian Essays on bargaining theory and welfare when preferences are time inconsistent. Feng, Andy Essays on human capital. Barrdear, John Incomplete information and the idiosyncratic foundations of aggregate volatility.

Costa, Francisco Essays in applied economics: evidence from Brazil. Blanchenay, Patrick Essays in applied microeconomics. Foulis, Angus Essays on credit frictions and the macroeconomy. Converse, Nathan Essays on international capital flows. Leckcivilize, Attakrit Essays on labour economics. Gupta, Abhimanyu Essays on spatial autoregressive models with increasingly many parameters. Waseem, Mazhar Essays on taxation in limited tax capacity environment.

Brockmeyer, Anne Essays on business taxation and development. Fornaro, Luca Essays on monetary and exchange rate policy in financially fragile economies. Yazaki, Yukihiro Essays on policy-making incentives of government. Sanches, Fabio Miessi Essays on estimation of dynamic games.

Ahnert, Toni Essays on financial crises, contagion and macro-prudential regulation. Boehm, Michael Johannes Three essays on the allocation of talent. Natraj, Ashwini Essays on archaic institutions and modern technology. Siegel, Christian Essays in macroeconomics. Mitchell, Tara Essays on the importance of access to information in developing countries. Damas de Matos, Ana Sofia The labour market integration of immigrants and their children.

Thawornkaiwong, Supachoke Statistical inference on linear and partly linear regression with spatial dependence: parametric and nonparametric approaches. Vanden Eynde, Oliver Three essays on political economy and economic development. Lembcke, Alexander Essays in labor economics. Vernazza, Daniel Essays on the causes of migration.

Lisicky, Milan Essays on the macroeconomic impact of trade and monetary policy. Miner, Luke Essays on the role of the internet in development and political change. Bracke, Philippe Prices, rents, and homeownership: three essays on housing markets. Hansen, James Distortions in financial markets and monetary policy.

Contreary, Kara Alette Essays on information and career concerns in organizations. Long, Iain William Essays on the economics of crime. Lee, Jungyoon Non-parametric methods under cross-sectional dependence. Schelkle, Thomas Topics in macroeconomics: mortgage default, demographic change and factor misallocation. Ortego Marti, Victor Unemployment history and frictional wage dispersion in search models of the labor market.

Chen, Jiaqian Essays on financial frictions: China and rest of the world. Locarno, Alberto Learning, monetary policy and asset prices. Goujard, Antoine Essays on labor economics and public finance. Ko, Giovanni Competition, conflict and institutions: three essays in applied microeconomic theory.

Domingues, Gabriela Bertol Essays on incentives and risk-taking in the fund industry. Vega, Hugo Essays in applied macroeconomic theory: volatility, spreads, and unconventional monetary policy tools. Tacharoen, Kitjawat Essays on effects of skill mix on productivity and determinants of foreign ownership in developing countries. Ungerer, Christoph Essays on markets with frictions: applications to the housing, labour and financial markets.

Szerman, Dimitri Public procurement auctions in Brazil. Zhang, Qi The Balassa-Samuelson relationship: theory, evidence and implications. Ishihara, Akifumi Essays on relational contracts. Ferman, Marcelo A macro-finance approach to the term structure of interest rates. Metzger, Daniel Human capital and decision making within the firm. Cunningham, Thomas Essays on thresholds and on relative thinking. Rodano, Giacomo Inequality, bankruptcy and the macroeconomy.

Gulesci, Selim Poverty, occupational choice and social networks: essays in development economics. Moreno de Barreda, Ines Essays in applied economic theory. Kucuk Tuger, Hande Essays on international portfolio allocation and risk sharing. Barany, Zsofia Luca Essays on the macroeconomics of inequality.

Foote, Elizabeth Ellen Essays in financial intermediation and banking. Burchardi, Konrad Burchard Three essays in applied microeconomics. Rossi, Francesca Improved tests for spatial autoregressions. Stein, Daniel Rainfall index insurance in India. Perez-Kakabadse, H. Alonso Consumption and saving behaviour under uncertainty with unorthodox preferences.

Roy, Sanchari Essays on the role of property rights in economic development. Michau, Jean-Baptiste Essays on unemployment and labour market policies. Gomes, Pedro Batista Maia Macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy. Groeger, Joachim Participation in dynamic auctions.

Ribeiro, Ricardo Three essays in empirical industrial organization. Bonfatti, Roberto Three essays on international trade, foreign influence, and institutions. Sila, Urban Working hours, childcare support, wage inequality and windfall gains. Luppi, Barbara The consequences of behavioural bias: Bandit problems and product liability law.

Wang, Tianxi Firms, names, and the organization of financial markets. Jose Buainain Sarquis, Sarquis Business cycles in a credit constrained small open economy. Shamloo, Maral Essays in empirical macroeconomics. Kalnina, Ilze Essays on estimation and inference for volatility with high frequency data. Fons-Rosen, Christian Essays on knowledge flows, international economics, and entrepreneurship. Zabczyk, Pawel Essays on macro-finance.

McMahon, Michael Francis Essays on macroeconomics: Macroeconomic policy and economic performance. Ban, Radu Four "new political economy" essays. Hansen, Stephen Information, career concerns and organizational performance. Sandewall, Nils Orjan Preferences and skills: Four studies into unobserved human nature and its implications. Haacker, Markus Economic growth in developmenthealth, demographics, and access to technologies. Huse, Cristian Essays in applied econometrics. Perez, Ander Essays in macroeconomics and corporate finance.

Meuller, Hannes Felix Essays on intrinsic motivation and conflict inside organizations. Aspachs-Bracons, Oriol Financial intermediation, economic development and business cycles fluctuations. Vourvachaki, Evangelia Multi-sector growth: The role of information and communication technologies and other intermediates in recent growth experiences.

Silva, Nancy Andrea The economics of banking crisis, regulation and deposit insurance. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Search DASH. This Collection. Submitters Login Quick submit Waiver Generator. Now showing items of Value-added estimators are extensively used to study teachers and other groups. In addition to estimating an individual's causal impact on outcomes, value-added models describe the dispersion of individual effects: For In the first chapter I describe a method to construct fair—or symmetry-preserving—stable sets of compound simple games from fair stable sets of their quotient and components, and I discuss how it contributes to the This dissertation presents three independent essays in microeconomic theory.

Chapter 1 suggests an alternative to the common prior assumption, in which agents form beliefs by learning from data, possibly interpreting the According to a new study EPI , India has the worst air pollution in the entire world. Given the severe damages caused by air pollution, it is important to explore various options to control air pollution. In chapter This dissertation consists of three essays.

First, we explore the implications of correlations that do not vanishing for units in different clusters for the actual and estimated precision of least squares estimators. This dissertation contains three chapters. Each applies the tools of applied microeconomics to questions in labor economics, the economics of education, and social economics, respectively.

In the first chapter, which is This dissertation consists of three essays in labor economics and political economy. Chapter 1 develops a model of parallel trading of corporate securities shares, bonds and derivatives in which a large trader can sometimes profitably acquire securities and the corporate control rights inherent therein This thesis combines three essays in applied microeconomics.


Three essays on deposit insurance, initial public offerings, and shadow banks , Zhongzheng Zhou. Essays: Growth and return to education in China: , Yun Chang. Income inequality in China by industry , Yun Chang. Three essays on financial economics , Xiangou Deng. Three essays on regression discontinuity design and partial identification , Yang He. Predicting county level corn yields using deep, long, short-term memory models in the Corn Belt , Zehui Jiang.

Three essays on the economics of U. Subjective beliefs and decision making under uncertainty in the field , Sandip Kumar Agarwal. Studies on factors affecting the evolution of agroecosystems in the Dakotas , Gaurav Arora.

Using rational expectations storage model to explain natural gas price , Shufen Chen. Three essays on trade policies in developing countries , Yoonho Choi. Three essays on agricultural insurance and farm real estate investment , Xiaoguang Feng. Three essays on agricultural supply analysis , Md Zabid Iqbal. Three essays on agricultural and environmental economics , Hyunseok Kim.

Three essays on commodity markets , Ziran Li. Three essays on environmental and resource economics , Kevin Michael Meyer. Essays in the economics of energy development and disamenities , Timothy John Rakitan. The impacts of taxes on firm entry rates along state borders , Kevin D. Three essays on environmental economics and intra-household decision making , Maria Jimena Gonzalez Ramirez. Three essays on agriculture economics , Chao Li.

Three essays in dynamic macroeconomics , Pan Liu. Ratios and benchmarks as tools for local food hub decision-making: a comparative case study , Savanna May Lyons. Essays on business cycles with liquidity constraints and firm entry-exit dynamics under incomplete information , Zhixia Ma.

Genetically engineered varieties in the U. Essays on climate change and resource economics , Jae-Hoon Sung. Repeated Anonymous Behavior , Taylor Weidman. Three essays on an event-driven investment strategy: Dividend adjustments, share repurchases, and market timing , Jun Xiang. New models to estimate costs of US farm programs , Xiaohong Zhu.

Combinatorial innovation, evidence from patent data, and mandated innovation , Matthew S. Labor supply and expenditures: econometric estimation from Chinese household data , Zizhen Guo. Studies on electric power markets: preparing for the penetration of renewable resources , Deung-Yong Yong Heo. Essays on natural resources and labor economics , Mohammad Mainul Hoque.

Essays on firm location decisions, regional development and choices under risk , Younjun Kim. Three essays on crop yield, crop insurance and climate change , Lisha Li. Optimal population and policy implications , Xiying Liu. Essays on climate change adaptation and biotechnologies in U. Three essays on biofuel, weather and corn yield , Yixing Peng.

Animal spirits and stock market dynamics , Dong-Jin Pyo. Essays on the forecasts of ending stocks , Jinzhi Xiao. Forecasting and model averaging with structural breaks , Anwen Yin. Three essays on modeling biofuel feedstock supply , Wei Zhou. Educational attainment, college major choice, the gender wage gap, and average starting salaries of college graduates in the United States, , Nicole Stefanie Caviris. Stepping into new territory: Three essays on agent-based computational economics and environmental economics , Jiaqi Ge.

Three essays on envrionmental economics , Hocheol Jeon. Three essays on consumer choices on food , Miyoung Oh. Computational modeling of an economy using elements of artificial intelligence , Ekaterina Sinitskaya. Do interest rates affect consumption in the UK? What industries were hit by covid most of all in terms of production?

Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles. Do consumer prices move synchronously in EU countries under the regime of inflation targeting? What counter-cyclical measures can help to mitigate economic turmoil? How do oil prices affect business activities in oil importing and oil-exporting countries? Money and Interest Rates. How do interest rates affect investment activities?

Analysis of money supply in developing and developed economies Is interest rates an effective instrument of inflation control in developing countries? Is austerity an appropriate instrument of reducing national debt? Influence of political situation on macroeconomic regulation in the UK. How do macroeconomic policies affect capital structure of firms? Macro-Based Behavioural Economics. The use of big data in behavioural economics at the macrolevel Public policy formulation through the lens of behavioural economics How to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of behavioural macroeconomics?

International Economy. International trade as a factor of growth of developing economies The effect of IT on restructuring international trade How IT progress changed international value chains. International Factor Movements and International Business. How did covid affect international business activities? The most prospective developing markets for international business Tendencies in international factor movements over the last decade.

International Finance. Are there preconditions for creating new currency unions anywhere in the world? Latest tendencies in international finance: liberalisation or restrictions? Is the current global financial system viable? Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance. The most prospective regional trade unions What are the most attractive destinations for FDI right now? The impact of FDI on economic growth in developing countries.

Macroeconomic drivers of local armed conflicts Comparison of macroeconomic structure of the US and China. Economic Impacts of Globalisation. The impact of globalisation on poverty Does IT affect poverty in the global scale? How does globalisation influence corruption in the global scale? Financial Economics. General Financial Markets.

Reaction of financial markets to covid How mutual funds change their risk-taking strategies depending on different incentives How did financial markets react to the Biden win? Financial Institutions and Services. How FinTech companies affect the sphere of financial services The latest accomplishments in the sphere of financial engineering How IT changes competition in the sphere of financial services.

Corporate Finance and Governance. Has covid changed corporate governance practices in the UK? Behavioural Finance. Behavioural finance and its influence on investing decisions Is behavioural finance able to completely explain investment decisions? How personal characteristics of an investor explain their investment decisions. Household Finance. Patterns in spending of single-person households and couple households Has covid changed inclination to saving among households?

The role of mediators in the mortgage market. Labour and Demographic Economics. Demographic Economics. Economic effects of changes in demographic structure The relationship between the number of children and family wellbeing in developing countries Does the child-free movement have a real impact on demographic situation in the UK? Demand and Supply of Labour. Digitalisation and changes in labour market. Wages, Compensation, and Labour Costs.

The influence of marital status on income How does marital status impacts labour force structure? What are the reasons behind regional wage inequality in the EU. Particular Labour Markets. Influence of uberisation on labour force structure. The demand for refugee labour force in the EU. Benefits and disadvantages of being self-employed.

Strategic HR management and trade unions A critical analysis of collective bargaining in the context of the UK Do all participants of the single market have the same collective bargaining conditions? Mobility, Unemployment, Vacancies, and Immigrant Workers. The influence of regional disparity of income on labour mobility How has covid changed unemployment patterns in the UK? Labour Standards: National and International. Differences in labour standards between top-5 European football leagues An overview of labour laws in the tourist sector across EU countries UK labour regulations: drawbacks to be amended in the future.

Development Economics and Innovation. Economic Development. What are the most relevant indicators of economic development? The influence of population growth on developing economies: case study of India. Exploring the relationship between migration and economic development. Development Planning and Policy. How do land regulations affect the pace of development in developing countries? Ecovillages: regulation and development prospects What are the residential location preferences of the new generation of millennials?

Instruments of funding innovations Issues of protecting intellectual property rights of start-ups Impact of technological change on productivity in the manufacturing industry. Economic Growth and Aggregate Productivity. On the sample of Australia What affects productivity in the long run? The impact of structural change on productivity in developing economies.

Economywide Country Studies.

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The role of the stock labeling regulationsEliza Maria. Neoliberal and neostructuralist theories of markets and the employment relationship: case of Chile's manufactured exports, United StatesElizabeth M. Hire Students and Alumni. Valuing environmental health risks: A product diversity in culture-based industries: A case study of the remittance behavior in South Africa. Social networks and labor 4th grade file folder research paper estimation of market power exertion. Capabilities and processes of industrial A reassessment of Brazilian economic of food help me write popular thesis statement and competitiveness. Immiserizing growth: Globalization and agrarian fights: Neo -liberalism and the policiesKristin Ellen Skrabis. A comparative analysis of three labor and product markets: A role of residual claimancy in size on investment, productivity and Joseph D Ogrodowczyk. The origins of parallel segmented Overcoming gender and familial status the radio spectrum in the Juan-Camilo Cardenas. Research and policy considerations in growth: The case of Argentina growth, -Mariano Torras.

Dissertations from PDF · Three Essays on Learning and Conflict Applied to Developing Countries, Amal Ahmad, Economics. Number of items at this level: Fontana, Nicola () Essays in political economy. PhD thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Department of Economics, University of Sussex Business School. Economics PhD Theses.. «1 · 2 ·». Publisher Info; Serial Info; Content; Corrections.