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World mythology research paper topics top bibliography writing websites au

World mythology research paper topics

In five pages this paper examines the timeless appeal of dragons in a discussion of the places they inhabit and how they can be recognized. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. This paper discusses the myths and legends that surround vampires in order to distinguish between fact and fiction in six pages. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography. In 5 pages the similarities and differences between the Ut-napishtim flood and Christian biblical flood are examined in order to determine if an occurrence in the Euphrates was the root of both legends.

There are four sources cited in the bibliography. Two sources are cited in the bibliography. In a research paper containing eight pages the supreme or creation African mythological gods are contrasted and compared with Zeus of Greek mythology. There are four bibliographic sources cited. This essay consists of seven pages and presents the argument that the motifs in the contemporary Superman stories are much like those in ancient Greek mythology and consider various comparisons between Superman and those epic heroes.

There is no bibliography included. In five pages this report examines the similarities that exist between Zoroastrian and Hindu myths and Zeus and Typhon's battle. Plato did not believe in Homer, but he quoted him more than one hundred times. The myths were what made Hellenic culture what it was; they were the cement that bound it together.

It seems to have involved a belief not only in their sense of possessing a political superiority, as expressed by Aristotle in the above quotation, but also a belief in their cultural superiority. Price states that it was the Greeks sense of their own cultural superiority that justified them in their own eyes in asserting political dominance in the Hellenistic age.

So self-confident were the Greeks in their own culture that, with respect to mythology, we find a curious thing in Herodotus. He reduced all of the competing mythologies of the Mediterranean and its environs to Greek mythology. Herodotus seemed completely blind to the fact that the mythologies of other people were completely apart and distinct from that of the Greeks, that the Babylonian Bel did not, in many ways, resemble the Greek Zeus at all.

And in the Iliad we encounter another curious thing. The Trojans may have ultimately come from the same Greek speaking stock that had invaded Greece c. And yet, in Homer, so far as my knowledge extends, there is no hint of a sense of cultural superiority over these people. Nor is there a hint, so far as I am aware, of foreign Gods. And that may have significance. Despite racial differences and differences of language; all the Trojan allies seemed to accept the Homeric pantheon and to have the same sacrificial rituals.

This suggests that what was important in the time of Homer was a set of cultural differentiae based not upon race and language , but upon religious practice. Neither Homer nor Herodotus were scientific observers of what they wrote about. But their automatic tendency to assume that other people worshipped as the Greeks worshipped may, perhaps, be read as one more instance of the extraordinary degree of self-confidence displayed by the Greeks up to and beyond the time they became subject to the Romans.

It is important to note that the Greeks were not xenophobes. Their relationship to the Persian Empire is instructive in this sense. In The Persians of Aeschylus, Xerxes is treated with both respect and sympathy; his last speech in the play is as stately and dignified as would be the speech of any Greek placed in a similar situation.

But to say they were not xenophobes is not to say that the Greeks did not feel that their culture was something special, unique, and quite, quite superior to the cultures of the other people they encountered. Xenophobia is probably a manifestation of an inferiority complex and that is something the Greeks never demonstrated.

Zeus in Greek Literature - Hesiod's Theogony, which, with Homer, serves as the fountainhead of Greek mythology, contains some of the stories concerning Zeus in Greek Literature. Ancient Greek Theater - Ancient Greek Theater research papers discuss the theater that became the central part of the celebrations during the festival of Dionysia.

Use of Cosmetics by Women in Ancient Greece - Use of Cosmetics by Women in Ancient Greece was one of the various ways women altered their appearance but, with a less permanent result. Greek Literature - The Greek epics of Homer and the glory of Greek mythology gave way to shorter, more personally philosophical works such as those by Archilochus of Paros.

Hero - Hero research papers are on the concept of the heroic ideal in literature. Persian Wars - Persian Wars research papers explore the battles between the Greeks and Persians during the fifth century. King Minos and the Minoan Civilization - King Minos and the Minoan Civilization research papers look at the contributions that not only the king accomplished but also cultural contributions that the minoans made.

Antigone - Antigone research papers are custom written on the classic play that includes the characters of Antigone and Creon. Creation Myths Rese - Creation Myths research papers discuss the many types of creation stories. Euthyphro - Euthyphro research papers tell of the dialogue that takes place when Socrates travels to court.

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The Greek Gods- How many gods did the Greek culture have?. Hercules as the son of Zeus and the conflict between his biological parents. The labors of Heracles.