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A full set of resources to accompany this feature can be downloaded for free here. Calling all English teachers: does this sound familiar? As structure gcse english lit essay go through extracts in the last lesson on Friday afternoon, you ask carefully crafted questions, and note with satisfaction how students shoot their hands up in a flash, like Barry Allen on the run. Later, back at home, you mark them. What went wrong?

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Top blog post writing website online

Or something. First, a disclaimer — the entire process of writing a blog post often takes more than a couple of hours, even if you can type eighty words per minute and your writing skills are sharp. Long before you sit down to put digital pen to paper, you need to make sure you have everything you need to sit down and write.

Many new bloggers overlook the planning process, and while you might be able to get away with skipping the planning stage, doing your homework will actually save you time further down the road and help you develop good blogging habits. Before you do any of the following steps, be sure to pick a topic that actually interests you. I can hear your objections already. Blogging is a lot easier, however, if you can muster at least a little enthusiasm for the topic at hand.

You also need to be able to accept that not every post is going to get your motor running. If you're really desperate for inspiration, check out our list of eight blog topic generators to get you going, or these eight tricks to come up with unique blog ideas. Even the best bloggers need a rough idea to keep them on-track. This is where outlines come in. The purpose of this outline is to make sure I know what I plan to cover, in what order the various sections will appear, and some bare-bones details of what each section will include.

Outlines keep you honest. They stop you from indulging in poorly thought-out metaphors about driving and keep you focused on the overall structure of your post. Whether you write your outline in your word processor, on a piece of paper, or even scribbled on a bar napkin, do whatever works for you to keep you focused. Pro tip: you don't actually need a passport to write a travel marketing post.

What allows us to do this, and to write authoritatively about subject areas that are new to us, is knowing how to properly research a blog post. It almost goes without saying, but relying solely on Wikipedia as a primary source is almost always a bad idea. Plus, every verifiable fact on the site is cited from links elsewhere on the web, so why cite the middleman?

Official associations, government websites, heavily cited research papers, and preeminent industry experts are all good examples. A few years ago, I edited a piece written by a colleague focusing on the highlights of a major technology conference. The writer, under a seriously tight deadline, had done a bang-up job of writing great copy in virtually no time, but he failed to properly check his facts.

He cited an article from Forbes in which the writer claimed Steve Jobs was using PowerPoint on stage — something that never happened. All it takes to tank your credibility is one glaring error. In the event that you fall prey to a well-executed hoax, repeat widely circulated misinformation, or simply make a mistake, own up to it right away and be transparent about your edits. Be honest, be accountable, and fix it — fast. Everyone and their grandmother has an opinion about headlines.

Some say you should be as specific as possible to avoid misleading your readers and manage their expectations , while others recommend taking a more abstract approach. There are two main approaches you can take to writing blog post headlines. Your approach to headlines should also vary depending on your audience. The exact figures presented in these headlines are all framed within a context of providing actionable advice to other marketers and startups.

Another common technique is posing a question in your headline. Done well, this can be extraordinarily effective, as it is in these examples:. So get to it. Be sure to actually turn your computer on before you start writing. Similarly to headlines, there are two main approaches to writing a blog post.

You can either sit down and write an entire draft in a single sitting my preferred workflow , or you can chip away at it gradually over time. There is no right or wrong answer here — only whatever works for you. Even if you work more effectively in short bursts, try to maximize the amount of writing you get done in those sessions. Get as much done as you can in a single sitting even if you prefer to draft a blog post over three or four writing sessions.

Like most skills, writing becomes easier and more natural the more you do it. NOTE: A lot of people struggle with writing introductions. A great strategy is to write the introduction last. Just get into the meat of the blog post, and worry about the introduction later. This will help you get traffic from organic searches as well as through backlinks whenever another site uses your study as a source of information.

They do, however, serve as a resource for people, and they are often featured on e-commerce websites—but overlooked on blogs. FAQs are blogging gold in any age. The best way to set yourself apart from the ocean of bloggers is to gain insight from industry experts. Come up with a list of questions your audience would be curious about, and email it instead.

You could also post the questions via Twitter or another social media channel. Through sharing personal stories, you give readers a chance to relate to your business on a personal level, which helps build brand affinity. Learning how to tell a story is an art. Once you master this skill, the quality of your blog posts will improve.

You need to understand the impact storytelling has on our brains:. Use this information to your advantage. The best stories are written to elicit some type of emotion, whatever that may be. The choice is up to you. And some of you may prefer to evoke joy, surprise, or love. Depending on the nature of your story, it can also generate traffic based on curiosity alone. Even an occasional Change. Reviewing products and services is another great way to drive traffic to your blog.

Not only are product reviews a trusted resource online that will draw traffic, but they are also a revenue stream for bloggers. By linking to product pages through affiliate links like Amazon Affiliates, you can monetize a blog almost entirely on product reviews. Make sure you go niche, since this provides the greatest platform for credibility and expertise. For starters, you could review items your company sells. The only issue with this strategy is that people will know your opinion is biased.

But if your blog covers a specific industry, you can review new releases. Make sure the reviews are relevant. Refer back to the example above. The article is reviewing the most recent iPhone products. If you decide to review products on a regular basis, establish a flow to such posts so your readers know what to expect.

Start with a product overview, and explain what the product does. Then, you can discuss specifications and other details. List the price and where it can be purchased. The review should have some form of a pros and cons list. Reviews should ultimately express your stance on the item. For example, you can explain which people would benefit most from the product. But you can still write about recent events. When it comes to breaking news, timing is everything. What are some common misconceptions or myths regarding your industry or niche?

Compile a list, and then use it to create a really fascinating post for your audience. Make sure you back up your claims, though. Approach writing such an article with the intention of providing as much useful and usable information as possible.

For B2B businesses, automation is the buzzword of the day, so any posts regarding ways to automate something is Internet gold. Automation, of course, is broad. Troubleshooting guides speak to the pain many content seekers are looking to eliminate. They want to solve a problem, which is exactly what a successful troubleshooting guide will do.

A great way to draw interest in a blog while rewarding readers is by holding a contest. Contests once got a bad rap as being scammy or cheap, but they are on their way back as a valuable traffic-driving technique. Both Lifehacker and Lifehack rose to prominence by featuring valuable advice to readers on just about every subject.

People want to do more faster and are always on the lookout for tools, technology, or tips to help them get more done. Productivity tips are the bread and butter of many online blogs. In your upcoming blog posts, incorporate interesting productivity tips, whether showing how your product or service increases productivity or sharing which productivity tips and tricks are working for you. Michael Hyatt is a leadership development expert, but he publishes a lot of productivity-related titles.

With million passports in circulation in the U. We all want to travel somewhere exotic and new. Any advice on how to do it cheaply is always appreciated. Depending on the season, you can write about physical locations your audience might search for, say, Jamaica. Take control so your blog becomes a frequent destination. What kind of blogs would benefit from travel-related articles? It might not be that hard to find a connection. Even a camera maker such as GoPro can get away with publishing some interesting and super shareable travel articles:.

Evernote knows that travel is a shareable topic, and its blog features plenty of travel articles:. Long-time bloggers often get caught up on current events, so occasional forays into history help create consistent content. Posts that make people laugh get shared on social networks. Blogging moms have conferences and conventions around the country, teaching people to follow in their footsteps and growing a sustainable industry.

You can always tell when an event is coming up by the buzz in the blogosphere. Partnering with and featuring the biggest Internet stars helps grow your following, so many content creators are partnering up in order to stay competitive. Companies that offer technology services, hardware, or software will often include technical support within their blogs. Right about now, blogs around the Internet are preparing holiday gift guides to help guide consumers to the right presents to buy for their colleagues, friends, and family during the holiday season.

WatchMojo built an entire business on top 10 lists , and many others are following suit. Including best-of lists focused on everything within your industry is a great way to draw reader attention. Responding to readers makes you a real person having a real conversation and allows you to address individual concerns to prove you care.

One of the reasons why list posts are so popular is that your readers know what to expect. They can scroll through each point on the list without having to read through the entire thing. Vary the formula for writing titles of list posts. If someone looks through your blog and sees that each title starts with a number, they may not be interested in reading it. Google the topic before you start writing.

Try to come up with a list longer than other lists in the search query. This will give you an advantage over your competitors. But you can take this strategy to the next level by publishing blog posts that are almost exclusively infographics.

You probably have plenty of facts and statistics about your niche and industry at your disposal.


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Find more information from this page. List Verse is one of the widely used online platform that serves over 30 million pages a month to more than eight million readers. Click here to find more information from their site. A typical submission of words article and 30 photos bracketed plus a short 2 minute video clip will result in an article that runs about 6 landscape spreads which has 10 photos and includes a short video clip.

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Click here to find more and they are currently looking for smart, funny comic series. So here are some of the amazing tips that you can use to get your posts get published easily. One of the most common mistakes most people make while writing posts or paid posts on these paid blogging sites which are mentioned above is: they give random advice.

They tell instead of showing. That way your content gets more chances to get approved on any blog where you want to write paid posts. Each and every site that pays for your tutorials, content or posts provide particular guidelines that one should follow to contribute to their sites. So avoid them at all costs if you want to save your time.

Yes, long form of content works really well. Also learn to write compelling headlines by using free tools like Portent headline generator. Self promotion can hurt your reputation as a blogger or writer. So why self-promote to spoil your brand? Instead of promoting yourself, your brand or products, try to add a link to your personal blog or website. Then, you can do all the selling from your site if you want. That way your content gets more attention without actually looking like a sales guy.

Do research before you write even a single word. Come up all the top 10 posts that are ranking for the topics you want to cover. Make a list of all the great tips and tricks that you find in those top performing articles so that you can beat those sites with your content. Also make sure to give credits to the best performing relevant content so that you can ask for a link back or social shares once your content goes live.

If you want to use the above mentioned paid blogging sites to earn more money from your writing, here are a few rocking tips fo ryou. Here are few reasons why you should give 1 priority to networking before you even jump into paid freelance writing or paid posting. That being said, here are 3 quick networking tips for every blogger and writer who wants to grow their income and brand online. Give, give, give, give before you ask anyone a favour.

People who are starting out often make a mistake of asking for help blindly. You can drastically improve your chances of getting help from someone when you offer help first. So in what ways can you help other bloggers or writers? Make use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc to connect with other bloggers.

Retweet their stuff, follow them on Facebook and talk about them to start building relationships with them. If possible try to do interviews with them webinars, podcasts, video interviews or text interviews as it will not only increases your relationships with them but also your website traffic. So why not offer free posts in the beginning? It will give you enough confidence and you can easily hone your writing skills. Once you get the momentum, you can start hitting the blogs that provide paid to blog opportunities the list is always in your hands in the form of this post.

Once you have enough followers and get to know top bloggers in your industry, it becomes really easy for you to get you posts accepted on paid sites that provide you payment for your content. To become a blogger you have to start your own blog. For doing so you have to register for a domain name and hosting plan.

And once your blog is live you can start writing valuable content around the niche you are interested in. You can monetize your blogs via advertisement, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, and so on. Blogger, Medium, Weebly, WordPress. So what are you waiting for?

Use the above list of sites to get paid to blog on their sites. Do you have any more of your favorite sites where one can get paid to write or blog in ? Share your thoughts in the comments. Anil Agarwal who owns Bloggerspassion. View all posts by Anil Agarwal BloggersPassion. I am a regular reader of your blog and this is one of the best articles for people like me who are willing to have a hand in writing. This will help me and lot of other upcoming writers.

Self Publishing , Writing Tips. One of the things I was curious about when I started my self-publishing journey was there a place online that I could publish my work online publicly prior to full-blown publishing. So in this article, we will take a look at the best sites for writers to publish their work online….

Before we take a deeper look at each of the websites above, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss the benefits of publishing your work online since it was a question I asked myself when I first learned about these platforms. If you are looking for ways to improve your creative writing, check out: Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing. Writing can be one of the most intrinsically fulfilling artforms there is, but with that, it can also be lonely.

Sometimes writing into a vacuum can become demotivating over the long haul. By sharing your writing on these sites you can break out of this vacuum and keep that motivation going. Launching your first book is daunting, and getting your first set of readers is crucial.

By publishing a sample of your work on one of the sites above, you can begin to cultivate fans that will be excited and dare I say thirsty for your book launch. This can give you a huge edge compared to launching completely unknown. You can make your novel that much stronger by flushing out your characters back story further online, live to an audience.

These websites will help you turn your concept into a full-fledged novel-worthy plot. Doing it live is way more fun than running endless beats for yourself in the prewriting process. If you have an idea for a novel, you can test the concept by publishing a few chapters online with live readers. This can be incredibly useful if you are looking to write to the market.

Make sure you have a concept that readers want, what better market research than actually putting a bit of the work out there in the universe to gauge first-hand interest.