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Supply chain management college essay


Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it. Type of paper: Admission Essay. I have always been a very ambitious and determined person, and whatever I started, I have always finished it up to scratch. This very trait of character has always helped me to reach success and to come up to my personal expectations, as well as of those who have always believed in me. Even though I still have much to strive to, I am already proud of everything I have already reached, and this feeling boosts me even more for new achievements.

Starting from my early childhood I had known that I would like to devote my life to Business. I was very determined about what I was doing, and as a result, I was one of the top students at the Business class, so that I was honoured to represent my class at the Columbia College competitions and round tables. Frankly speaking, I was not only studying for my future, career and other achievements, I really loved what I was doing, as well as I was passionate about it. Not only has this Company taught me a lot and helped me to practically use my skills, it has given me invaluable experience and career growth.

I proactively interact with each account on a regular basis, utilizing a variety of communication options, to improve the customers purchasing experience with Grainger to drive sales, and secure future opportunities. This very experience did teach me essential things: first and foremost I realized that in order to reach tangible results in Business one should have patience and resilience, as all the people are individuals and they require personal approach.

As of now I am a sales professional with profound experience, with a strong aptitude for long-term business development and internal resource utilization. My ability to realize client sales potential by uncovering key service gaps and developing comprehensive solutions enabled me to create successful history of evaluating analytical and qualitative data to build goal driven strategies.

Also, I have learnt to manage my time more effectively to deal with several tasks at a time and at the same time learn from what I am actually doing. These five years have really given me a lot; nevertheless, I strive to success, I never stop learning. One cannot be perfect at each and everything; however, one should do all possible to strive to this perfection.

I do realize that knowledge I have at the moment is more than enough for what I am currently doing. Nonetheless, I do feel that I have much more potential inside; I have willingness and need for studying and growth. I think that supply chain management is an engine of business — it manages a network of interrelated businesses, which are involved in the final provision of products and services.

Supply chain management touches each and every step of the production process — design, planning, execution, and control of the supply chain. Having worked at the Grainer Company, I have come to understand that supply chain management helps to carry out a cross-functional approach, what covers movement of raw material into the company, material processing into finished goods and final movement of these goods to the consumer.

It means that with a help of well-organized supply chain the company can minimize its costs and increase profits. Having worked in the sales department, I have realized that I would like to expand my knowledge and ideas in the operational part of business. Despite the fact that I have limited skills in this very sphere I have already managed to assist our operations department with some ideas.

However, I do realize that knowledge and skills I have are far cry from what is actually required in this particular field. There are a huge number of models, which help to minimize costs and increase profits. Each and every model should and can be applied depending on the economic situations, financial statements of the company, line of business, and other aspects, and in order to be able to analyze all these factors, it is essential to have some decent background in supply chain management.

I am convinced that Masters Degree in supply chain management will not only provide me with this very background, it will enable me to grow personally and professionally. I have always been an extravert that is why new opportunity at the University will give me a possibility to get new contacts and friends. Moreover, the more a person knows, the more he is willing to learn, so that I do hope that a Degree in this very sphere will enable me indulge into new spheres as well.

I consider such an opportunity as a new step in my life, which will help me to move forward and grow. I do want to develop and improve my skills, I want to get new knowledge and apply them in real life, to use it, to explore my ideas and finally reach everything I am striving to.

When it comes to me, I define myself as someone who is curious and eager to learn new and open new windows to see the world from different angles, as I do realize that nobody will do it for me. We accept sample papers from students via the submission form. If this essay belongs to you and you no longer want us to display it, you can put a claim on it and we will remove it.

Just fill out the removal request form with all necessary details, such as page location and some verification of you being a true owner. Please note that we cannot guarantee that unsubstantiated claims will be satisfied. Note: this sample is kindly provided by a student like you, use it only as a guidance.

ID Password recovery email has been sent to email email. Type of Paper. Essay Topics. Educational Tools. Supply Chain Management. Columbia College. My Life. Accessed 23 July Links traditional areas of logistics research with topics including demand management and forecasting, logistics operations and modeling, logistics strategy and relationship management. Specializations in either operations management or sourcing management, with research focusing on empirical analysis, theory development, new product development and sustainability.

Designed for working professionals, this program provides deeper knowledge of ever-changing supply chain practices and technologies. The program offers integration among these critical, value-adding components to enhance global competitiveness. We have achieved our position because of the unique approach our SCM faculty take to research and teaching.

Our focus is to bridge the gap between theory and practice — to identify and explore issues of current and future importance to managers using the methodological and theoretical rigor of the academic environment. This is one reason that we are consistently ranked highly — we do research that is not only done well but that has high impact.

The Supply Chain Management Council consists of approximately 40 leading companies in the supply chain industry that have dedicated time and resources to support teaching, research and business involvement of MSU faculty and students. A selection of SCM Council members can be found below. The activities of the office are an integral part of the excellent supply chain management program for which Michigan State University is well known and respected, and provides a mutual benefit to students, department faculty and companies.

Visit the CSRO. The Broad College has jointly conducted customized corporate education programs in Turkey on supply chain management and global strategy topics. The relationship includes a number of supply chain management linkages, including faculty traveling to Mumbai, India, to present at SPJIMR conferences, students from SPJIMR traveling to East Lansing for supply chain and business analytics study tours, and executive and professional development opportunities with businesses in India.

Supply chains are the institutions and processes that move raw material, works-in-progress and finished products from the fields, mines and oceans to our homes and workplaces to satisfy our daily wants and needs. Without supply chains, there would not be the products that society relies on, such as food, clothing, shelter and entertainment. The institutions or organizations involved in supply chain operations include material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers such as transportation firms.

Supply chain professionals source raw materials, manufacture B2B and consumer goods, manage inventory, run sophisticated warehouse operations, transport goods between businesses or to the final consumer and keep the world greener by developing better ways to use, return and recycle both manufacturing and consumer waste.

For example, one would expect the local grocery store to be stocked with all the products available from anywhere in the world. This includes cereal from Battle Creek, wine from France and sushi from Asia. While one may think that any grocery store maintains a large amount of product, it is only about a three- to four-day supply for many items, particularly those that are perishable. Grocers rely on just-in-time supply chains to make sure that shelves remain stocked with the products that consumers want.

First, they facilitate the sourcing and delivery of products manufactured in many places around the world to a location where the consumer can purchase it. Second, efficient supply chains reduce the cost of the products that one purchases through lowered sourcing, manufacturing, handling and transportation cost.

Third, high-performing supply chains can reduce risks related to weather, congestion and natural disasters. The efficient supply chain controls the flow of information, products, services, funds and knowledge. From the supplier network to market distribution, the supply chain enables efficient manufacturing and capacity planning, develops and enhances the flow of data, supports financial analysis and meets the needs of a global marketplace.

Search Tool. Office of the Dean Broad College Leadership. Overview M. Overview Ph. Home » Supply Chain Management. The field of supply chain management is rapidly changing. Vedat Verter Chairperson John H. Supply Chain Management Broad. Student stories. Eta Beta, a coed business fraternity, has garnered a reputation for excellence, receiving multiple national awards.

See More News. Mission Statement Our mission is to be the global leader in creating and disseminating integrative supply chain management knowledge. We are the leading developer and disseminator of supply chain knowledge: Top-ranked global leader in supply chain management research, education and outreach Integrative MSU flagship program impacting civic organizations, industry and society World-renowned faculty We serve transformational thinkers and doers in an interconnected world: Students who will become supply chain leaders in industry Firms that are committed to collaboration with us in research and education Top-notch doctoral candidates who will become SCM thought leaders in academia Highly motivated and engaged alumni in a lifetime relationship.

We maintain a high-performance culture that leverages our integrative business model: Human resource strategy that attracts, nurtures and retains the best talent A culture of collaboration with internal and external academic and industry partners We contribute strategically balanced supply chain management knowledge for students, practitioners and academia: An integrated perspective that blends theory with practice Knowledge leadership focused on emerging strategic issues Societal impact through research, outreach, students and alumni.

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It is also important to remember that high quality management is not always an indicator of benefits. For instance, there may not necessarily be downstream benefits for the manufacturer or for the end customer. The level of technology that the supplier has must be taken into consideration, as the supplier must be efficient and effective in their productions.

Part of this excellence or dysfunction can be explained through organizational theories. It is important to remember that internal and external customers are the interlocking connections in the organization. Thus, the quality management philosophy is based on customer focus. This focus occurs through an effective customer-supply chain. This is completed through a triangular relationship. This relationship encompasses the upstream and downstream supply chain.

As such, this cooperation is crucial for the success of the organization. Problems and Causes of Low Quality Numerous problems occur as the result of low quality. However, there are many causes as to these problems and low quality itself. This can result in poor quality, causing the need for product recalls. However, there is a fear of opportunism, which is the most significant cause of low quality. This has resulted in a culture of blame and the belief that quality management responsibilities belong to quality units only.

Therefore, there are mixed beliefs regarding the responsibilities of quality management, which results in poor quality products. Implementation of Recommendations Quality management can be implemented by monitoring the workforce. In addition, it is necessary to get the entire organization involved in quality management. With these implementations, better products can be produced for customer purchases. Proposed Changes to Supplier Contract In order to effectively utilize suppliers and create effective quality management, supplier contracts must be changed.

This also involves the understanding that mutual economic benefits can occur with collaboration and close relationships between suppliers and customers. Thus, by decreasing dependence on any single supplier, opportunism is either decreased or eradicated. As a result the relationship is established to ensure a stronger global supply chain that is focused on its customers and quality. Conclusion As noted in the introduction, the global supply chain is the flow of goods and products from its beginning stages to customers.

This requires effective quality control, which can be achieved in a variety of ways. However, this is no easy task because of the extensive interconnection. Significantly, this does not always mean that benefits are obtained through the relationship. Thus, technology advancement is important to suppliers. Furthermore, organizational theories are commonly explanatory for excellence or dysfunction.

Importantly, these organizational theories are also important in explaining the overall cost that results from supplier quality. It also imports some parts from China. These are the companies most exploited by Samsung Electronics. Benefits of Supply Chain Management Improve customer satisfaction by matching his requirements Increase data integrity through limited manual intervention Improve match between Demand and Supply Consolidated and simplified channel Global end-to-end supply chain visibility Provide real-time visibility and early signals to the team members for a pro-active solving of constraints and exceptions Improve speed and productivity by reducing non value added workload.

Team members can focus on customer support. Analysis Limitations of Samsung Electronics Globalization that increase supply chain complexity and global sourcing Intensified competition and price pressures coupled with high market uncertainty Shortened and more complex product life cycle. Regulations changes requires companies to consider amount of carbon emission produced in the supply chain The Efficient supply chain: responsive supply chains and agile supply chains which suits to semiconductor and high-tech industries, designed not only to provide responsiveness and flexibility to meet customer needs, but also hedging the risk of supply shortages and disruptions.

These are the Alternative Courses of Action to be considered to boost the supply chain performance of Samsung Supply Chain Resilience The supply chain resilience is the ability to be resilient for a system to return to its original state or move to a new and more desirable state after being disturbed. This implies the flexibility of the supply chain system. The value-chain network strategy for companies is the integration of the acquisition of supplier or managing an extensively outsourced network of its trading partners.

Both aim for value chain network strategies that allow better control of the end-to-end value chain. This includes both upstream and downstream value chain partners, in order to gain better visibility of the whole value chain. Organization as a value chain. This Supply chain organization is no longer limited to either inbound materials management or logistic. The role of supply managers is vastly changing with better emphasis on supply market intelligence, collaboration, and operational integration with suppliers Handfield et al, Demand-driven excellence.

The adoption of demand-driven focus supply chain to influence and manage demand more efficiently. Companies are shifting from the pursuit of efficiency cost minimization in production and distribution to responsiveness, matching quantity and variety of products supplied to meet required demands. Product life management The product life cycle of a company needs to adopt product life management PLM processes.

The advantage of adopting PLM processes is to help companies in aiming common product development processes involving collaboration with suppliers and contract manufacturers. The benefits of applying Product Life Management is the increase the re-use of its parts and decrease cycle to reduce marketing time. Free essay samples Man Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management 7 July Hire verified writer. Supply Chain Management Essay Example.

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