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A full set of resources to accompany this feature can be downloaded for free here. Calling all English teachers: does this sound familiar? As structure gcse english lit essay go through extracts in the last lesson on Friday afternoon, you ask carefully crafted questions, and note with satisfaction how students shoot their hands up in a flash, like Barry Allen on the run. Later, back at home, you mark them. What went wrong?

Essay exam questions for histology assessment case study examples

Essay exam questions for histology

Neurofilaments In a good compound microscope, the focus knob does not have to be readjusted when changing the magnification. What is this phenomenon called? Parfocal B. Unifocal C. Bifocal D. Focused E.

Convergent What forms the skeleton of the fetus? Elastic cartilage B. Hyaline cartilage C. Spongy bone E. Compact bone What are the pressure receptors in skin called? Psammoma bodies B. Corpora arenacea C. Hassall's corpuscles D. Prostatic concretions E. Pacinian corpuscles Which fiber type has a lot of mitochondria? Where is the site of protein synthesis?

Ribosomes B. Peroxisome C. Microfilaments D. Centrioles E. Nucleoli What is the term for the general process that cells us to bring things into the cell? Endocytosis B. Exocytosis C. Pinocytosis D. Phagocytosis E. Active transport Which of the following is NOT a glycosaminoglycan in cartilage?

Chondroitin sulfate B. Proteoglycans C. Keratan sulfate D. Hyaluronic acid E. All of the above are glycosaminoglycans in cartilage What is another term for the intestinal glands? Which of the following is NOT primarily composed of connective tissue? Bone marrow B. Articular cartilage C. Heart D. Mesenchyme E. Fat What is the innervation of an apocrine sweat gland?

Cholinergic; parasympathetic 6. Cholinergic; sympathetic C. Adrenergic; parasympathetic D. Adrenergic; sympathetic E. Cholinergic; motor When using oil immersion to view a tissue, what is the refractive index of the oil? Zero B. Same as air C. Same as glass D. Same as water E. Which of the following can be classified as "embryonic connective tissue"? Cartilage B. Mucous connective tissue C. Adipose tissue D. Bone E. Blood Which type of cartilage is the most abundant? Hyaline cartilage and elastic cartilage equally E.

Elastic cartilage and fibrocartilage equally Which meninx is made of a delicate web like connective tissue? Dura mater B. Arachnoid C. Pia mater D. Dura mater and Arachnoid E. All of the above Adipose tissue B. Bone C. Blood D. Cartilage E. Mesenchyme What is the covering of an individual muscle fiber? Sarcoplasm B. Perimysium C. Endomysium D. Epimysium E. Sarcolemma Which of the following is composed of connective tissue? Epidermis B. Dermis 7. Hypodermis D. Epidermis and Dermis E. Dermis and Hypodermis What type of epithelium is one cell layer thick?

What is the growing part of the nail? Lunula B. Eponychium C. Matrix D. Nail bed E. Root Which layer of the epidermis has cells which have keratohyaline granules? Stratum corneum Which organelle sorts and packages proteins within a cell? Mitochondria Which of the following is supporting cell of the central nervous system? Perikaryon C. Terminal bouton Which of the following is an element of the central nervous system? Receptors B.

Brachial plexus C. Sciatic nerve D. Ganglia E. Spinal cord Which type of cartilage forms the symphysis pubis? Fibrocartilage 8. Which cell is the mature bone cell? Chondrocyte B. Chondroblast C. Osteocyte D. Osteoclast E. Bone lining cell What do you call the simple squamous epithelium that lines the blood vessels? Epithelioid tissue B. Mesothelium C. Endothelium D. Transitional E. Pseudostratified Where are Peyer's patches located?

Esophagus B. Stomach C. Small intestine D. Large intestine E. Rectum Which fiber type uses more anaerobic metabolism? What type of epithelium is more than one layer thick? What type of epithelium forms the epidermis? Simple squamous epithelium B. Simple cuboidal epithelium C. Simple columnar epithelium D. Stratified squamous epithelium E. Pseudostratified epithelium What structure contributes to the cells cytoskeleton?

Centrioles 9. What is the primary component of yellow marrow? Hematopoietic tissue B. Fat C. Cartilage D. Fibrous tissue E. Bone Cholinergic; parasympathetic B. Which fiber type makes up slow-twitch muscle? Which of the following is NOT a membranous organelle? Lysosomes B. Peroxisomes C. Mitochondria D. Ribosomes E. Endoplasmic reticulum What surrounds a bundle of nerve fibers? Neurium B.

Perineurium C. Epineurium D. Endoneurium E. Which of the following forms myelin in the central nervous system? Astrocytes B. Ependymal cells C. Oligodendrocytes D. Microglia E. Schwann cells Which layer contains the lamina propria? Mucosa B. Sub mucosa C. Muscularis externa D.

Serosa E. Adventitia What is cancellous bone? Dense bone B. Woven bone C. Immature bone D. Compact bone E. Spongy bone What type of muscle contains actin and myosin? What is the pancreatic duct? Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses B. Ducts of Luschka C. Duct of Wirsung D. Ampulla of Vater E. Sphincter of Oddi What is the hollow area underneath an osteoclast called? Space of Disse B. Space of Mall C. Vacuole D.

Lacuna E. Howship's lacuna What cell type makes up the mucosa of the gallbladder? Transitional epithelium What are the supporting cells in the central nervous system called? Schwann cells B. Basket cells C.

Ganglion D. Neuroglia E. Satellite cells Which cell is a resting osteoblast? What is a collection of nerve cell bodies outside of the central nervous system called? Which of the following is a receptor for fine touch which is located in the dermis? Free nerve endings B. Ruffini's corpuscles C. Pacinian corpuscles D. Krause's end bulbs E. Meissner's corpuscle What color does hematoxylin stain structures? Orange B. Blue C.

Pink D. Red E. Green What is the light band in muscle? A band B. I band C. Z line D. H band E. M line What type of gland secretes its product directly into the bloodstream? Multicellular gland C. Exocrine gland D. What is the correct term for cuticle?

Which of the following is composed of dense irregular connective tissue? Reticular layer of dermis C. Epidermis and Reticular layer of dermis E. Reticular layer of dermis and Hypodermis What is the mature cell in cartilage called? Chondrocyte Which layer of the epidermis is on the surface of the skin? Stratum lucidum B. Stratum corneum C. Stratum basale D. Stratum spinosum E. Stratum granulosum The reticular layer is part of which layer? Dermis C. On a microscope, what structure connects the eyepiece to the objective lens?

Base B. Nosepiece C. Stage D. Tube E. Diaphragm What is the primary cell of the intestinal epithelium of the large intestine? Columnar absorptive cell B. Goblet cell C. Parietal cells D. Paneth cells E. Chief cells Which fiber type is make up fast-twitch muscle? Which microscope makes things appear three dimensional? Simple microscope B. What is the outer gray matter of the brain called?

Tracts B. Islets Soma D. Cortex E. Nuclei Which microscope does not rely on visible light? What is the half moon shaped white area on a nail called? Which type of cartilage forms the intervertebral disc? In what structure does blood run through between the hepatocytes? Hepatic artery B. Portal vein E. Sinusoids Which type of cartilage is characterized by the presence of thick bundles of collagen fibers? What is the outer layer of the GI tract called when it is abutting another organ?

What is the name of the tissue which surrounds muscle fascicles? Perimysium B. Periosteum C. Perichondrium Perineurium E. Endosteum What is a gland called if the secretory portion is tube shaped ending in a flask shaped area at the terminus?

Simple gland B. Compound gland C. Tubular D. Alveolar E. Tubuloalveolar What type of tissue lines blood vessels? What covers the tooth that is embedded within the jaw? What is the covering of a bone? Perichondrium D. What is compact bone? Cancellous bone E.

What is the cylindrical structure in compact bone? Osteoclast B. Osteon C. Osteoblast E. Osteoid Which type of cartilage is characterized by the presence of chondrocytes sitting in lacunae? Fibrocartilage Costal cartilage is composed of what type of cartilage? What is line that bisects the dark band in muscle? Which of the following is a receptor for fine touch which is located in mucous membranes?

Which fiber type fatigues more readily? Where in the pancreas are islets of Langerhans most numerous? Head B. Body C. Tail D. Evenly distributed E. Depends on the individual Which of the following layers comprise the skin? Which fiber type is smaller in diameter? Which of the following would be best suited to visualize reticular fibers? Wright's stain B. Hematoxylin and eosin stain C. Sudan stain D. Silver impregnation E. Masson's trichrome stain What is the dark band in muscle?

What is the term for the process used by cells for the transport in of particulate matter? What cells of the pancreas secrete pancreatic polypeptide? Gamma cells What is the mature bone cell called? What stain would be best to demonstrate the elastic fibers in elastic cartilage? Resorcin fuchsin and orcein What are the conglomerations of gray matter deep within the cerebrum and cerebellum called?

Islets C. Cortex What is the turret? Fixation B. Embedding in paraffin C. Staining D. Slicing E. Dehydration What are the connection between the cystic duct and liver? Which cell is the most abundant cell in the epidermis? Langerhans cell B. Keratinocyte C. Melanocyte D. Merkel cell E. Fibroblast Which of the following is composed of cardiac muscle?

Biceps muscle B. Tongue C. Upper esophagus E. Walls of the visceral organs What are the modifications of the muscularis externa that is seen on the large intestine? Teniae coli B. What is the lymphatic capillary within a villus of the small intestine called? Which connective tissue cell is a tissue macrophage? Fibroblast B. Myofibroblast C. Histiocyte D. Plasma cell E. Mast cell What are the basophilic clusters of ribosomes and rough endoplasmic reticulum seen in neurons called?

What is the dura mater composed of? Loose irregular connective tissue B. Dense irregular connective tissue C. Dense regular connective tissue D. Simple squamous epithelium E. Nervous tissue What is spongy bone? Immature bone B. Compact bone C. Cancellous bone D. Dense bone E. Woven bone Which type of papillae on the tongue is mushroom shaped? Filiform papillae B. Circumvallate papillae C.

Fungiform papillae D. Foliate papillae E. What is Prussian blue stain used for? Sodium B. Potassium C. Calcium D. Copper E. Iron What forms the striated border? Microvilli B. Stereocilia C. Cilia D. Keratinization E. Both a and b Which type of bone has spicules? Dense bone C. Compact bone D. Which of the following is NOT a function of the liver? Metabolism of bilirubin B. Deamination of amino acids C. Storage of iron D.

Storage of copper E. Storage of calcium What is the space called that is located at the portal canal between the hepatocytes and connective tissue? What is line that bisects the light band in muscle? What type of epithelium lines the trachea? What is the name of the cellular mass for the endocrine portion of the pancreas? Acini Where is the cerebrospinal fluid? Between the dura mater and bone B. Subdural space C. Subarachnoid space D. Between the pia mater and brain E.

What is Wright's stain used primarily for? Blood B. Nervous tissue D. Elastic fibers E. Decalcified bone matrix Which of the following is NOT a function of skin? Vitamin D production B. Protection from water loss C. Sensory reception D. Heat regulation E. All are functions of skin What is the classification of the pancreas? Mixed B. Endocrine C. Exocrine D. Both endocrine and exocrine E. What structure is at the base of cilia? What type of basic tissue type is bone? Epithelium B.

Connective tissue C. Muscle D. Nervous E. Which type of cartilage is characterized by a glassy matrix? What percent of the matrix of cartilage is water? What is a collection of cell bodies outside the CNS called? Which type of cartilage forms the hammer, anvil and stirrup? When using a compound microscope, what is the magnification of the oil immersion lens?

Which fiber type gets its energy primarily from glycogen? Which layer is NOT present in masticatory epithelium? A beauty treatment for the reduction of wrinkles is the injection of hyaluronic acid into the wrinkle. What is hyaluronic acid? Dermatan sulfate B. Proteoglycan C. Glycosaminoglycan D. Chondroitin sulfate E. Keratan sulfate What is the plasma membrane of a muscle cell called? Endomysium B. Sarcolemma C. Sarcoplasm D.

Perimysium E. Epimysium Which cell is a connective tissue macrophage? Kupffer cells B. Histiocyte C. Dust cell D. Langerhans cell E. Microglia Which of the following can be classified as "specialized connective tissue"? Mesenchyme B. Dense connective tissue D. Mucous connective tissue E. Loose connective tissue Which connective tissue cell type contains properties of smooth muscle cells?

What are the finger like projections of mucosa that are seen in the small intestine? What are the mineral crystals in bone called? Hydroxyapatite B. Calcite C. Tourmaline D. Rubellite E. Indicolite What is a gland called if it has an unbranched duct? What structure is called yellow cartilage? Hyaline cartilage What is white matter? Which of the following is NOT lined by a serosa? Peritoneal cavity B. Pericardial cavity C. Pleural cavity D. Respiratory tract E. All of the above are lined by a serosa What is the space that an osteocyte rests in?

Canaliculi B. Sharpey's fibers C. Trabeculae D. Tome's process E. Lacuna Which sensory receptor in the skin is NOT encapsulated? Ruffini endings B. Free nerve endings C. Meissner's corpuscles E. Merkel cells What type of tissue lines the bladder A. Which of the following is found in the hair follicle? Pigment epithelium B. Muller's cells Huxley's layer D. Horizontal cells E. Cones What are the valves which regulates the flow of bile into the intestine? What is the cytoplasm of a muscle cell?

Epimysium B. Sarcoplasm E. Perimysium Which of the following stains is used for routine histological examination? What type of tissue is Wharton's jelly? Dense regular connective tissue What type of tissue lines most ducts? What type of muscle probably predominates in Charles Atlas, the worlds most famous power weight lifter?

What type of tissue composes the kidney tubules? Simple cuboidal epithelium What is underneath the nail plate? What forms the brush border? Filaments C. Peroxisomes D. Mitochondria E. What is the connective tissue covering which surrounds cartilage? This condition is mediated by a reaction to the carbohydrate, galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose. An experimental treatment has been developed to halt the N-linked oligosaccharide addition that occurs in the synthesis of this compound.

Which of the following cellular structures is most likely targeted by this experimental drug? A year-old woman presents to the emergency department with a loss of sensation in her left upper extremity. A rapid evaluation is performed to rule out stroke. Neurologic examination reveals loss of fine touch sensation in a C6 dermatomal pattern but is otherwise unremarkable.

Further evaluation reveals that the patient was recently sick with an upper respiratory infection. A biopsy is performed and shows destruction of the cell bodies of sensory nerves. Which of the following structures is most likely damaged? A year-old woman presents with a 3-month history of intermittent blurry vision and difficulty walking. The patient is afebrile, and her vital signs are within normal limits. Which of the following findings would be suspected in this patient?

A 5-year-old boy of African descent is presented to the emergency department by his parents. The child is clutching his abdomen and crying about pain in his belly. His mother reports intermittent episodes of jaundice with joint and bone pain since he was 5 months old. Physical examination reveals slight jaundice and pale conjunctiva. The spleen is tender and easily palpable. After a complete blood count with differential and an abdominal ultrasound, the patient is found to have sickle-cell disease with splenic infarct.

A partial splenectomy is performed. After the operation, the physician provides vaccines against Neisseria meningitidis , Haemophilus influenzae , and Streptococcus pneumoniae. Dysfunction of the zone marked with which number predisposes the patient to the aforementioned infections? A year-old man presents with daily substernal chest pain for the past year.

In addition, he says that he often suffers from hoarseness and a cough in the mornings. His wife also reports that he has developed bad breath. His past medical history is significant for diabetes mellitus that he manages with metformin. His physical examination is unremarkable, and his ECG is normal. An esophagogastroduodenoscopy is performed. The lower third of the esophagus appears erythematous, and a biopsy of the gastroesophageal junction is taken.

When he is given sublingual nitroglycerin, the patient indicates that his chest discomfort does not change. Yes, it may be hard to believe, but we recently made all of our Qbank questions available for free. Why, you might ask, would we do this?

The answer lies within our vision, which is to make top-quality medical education available to as many students as possible. We know that in order to become a great doctor, you should have as much experience with clinical case questions as you can — not only do such questions deepen your understanding of important medical topics , but you will also learn from the beginning with the type of questions you will face during your Step 1 and Step 2 exams.

None of the trademark holders are endorsed by nor affiliated with Lecturio. By continuing use of our service you agree upon our Data Privacy Statement. Haversian canal B. Brachial artery C. Ulnar nerve E. Image by Gleiberg. Golgi apparatus B. Rough endoplasmic reticulum C. Sodium-potassium pump D. Proteasome E. Dorsal root ganglion C. Ventral root ganglion D. Dorsal column E. Destruction of cells that produce cerebrospinal fluid B. Destruction of the blood-brain barrier C.


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